Sunday, March 24, 2024

But Wait, Theres More...

 Guess what?  Another major event is set to take place in the skies above us.  What is it this time?  A once in a lifetime cosmic explosion.  It is set to happen sometime between now and September which just happens to be on top of the X-cross-road eclipse over the US and the blood moons during Purim for the next 3 years.  This servant asked the Lord what to take away from this and the reply was "1.  Look up, 2. Look up and 3. Look up."

Once again this takes us back to Nineveh and the ancient world in general.  Had they seen the things that we are seeing or about to see in the night sky, their full attention would have been given to what they were doing and whats going on around them.  They knew it meant something.  In our modern world however, since we have Facebook and tik toc we dont have to pay attention to celestial events anymore...???

The Lord God is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this world to get its attention.  Some of us are already dialed in but more need to wake up.  The message is clear for us who believe on the earth.  There is a Lord God in heaven and He is calling for repentance, revival and righteousness on the earth.  He will get this one way or another, either sooner or later-it will happen.  We who believe are sensitive to the voice of the Spirit so we do not need to be clubbed over the head to get the message.  Others do need the club.

Its time for us to do what we know we should have been doing all along.  So along with repenting and reviving and right standing we need to look up, look up, look up.  Wow.....Glory to God.

grace and peace