Thursday, March 21, 2024

Pray Protection Over Critical Infrastructure

 Prayer priority 1:




Prayer priority 2:

demolition of enemy:

1.  spiritual strongholds

2.  agendas

3. narratives

4. false flags

Prayer priority 3:

protection over:

critical infrastructure of all types






Our enemies at the world economic forum told us in advance (either they are prophets (not) or they are the enemy) that they would get our attention with water since they failed with their scamdemic.  Now lo and behold we are being warned about our water supplies.  When we remember that the Oct 7 false flag was intended to get us to attack I ran they would be a convenient scaapgoat for such an incident.  Oh yes, the WEF also warned us of catastrophic cyber attacks.  So this would be two birds with one stone.

We need to pray that the Lord God will deal with the treachery of our enemies.  The lies, false flags, fraud, etc etc, we need to pray that the Lord God will bring His resources and power to bear on the problems the wicked are causing for mankind on the earth.

We have alot to pray for, there is alot going on.  We cannot afford apathy or complacency for another minute with our enemies attempting to genocide, starve and steal from us at every turn.  Lord help us.

Glory to God

grace and peace