Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Its Not One Thing, Its Everything

 People who are taking a magnifying glass to the X over America with questions like "is it really a big deal?  What happens when eclipses take place over the middle of nowhere -like an ocean?"  These people who are "fact checking" the X over America don't get it.  It's not the one thing that is important (the X in this case).  It's everything that is going on around it that is important.  The X is a delivery vehicle, the smelling salts, the sign to the people to look around take stock of whats going on.  The X is a cue to put normal day to day whatever we are doing on hold for a moment to take a look at where we are as a country (and how far we have fallen).

The word "sin" means to miss the mark.  In the case of what is coming up in April there is a giant mark being placed over America (X marks the spot).  The X serves as a vehicle to get people's attention.  To that end, this servant believes it has already served its purpose.  But it also serves as a notice of judgement on those who are aware of it, dismiss it and continue their lives of missing the mark...

This servant believes that it is not too late yet for America to repent.  The fact that as this servant is writing this is a normal day is evidence that the Lord's mercy and grace are still extended to humanity and America in particular.  That said, we are on the clock.  If we continue down the road we have been on, there will be no excuses left and only judgement will remain.  The judgement in this case is not some cotton candy fairytale judgement where everyone has a happy ending.  It will be brutal, crippling, devastating, awe inspiring destruction that matches the level of sin debt that has been laid up waiting to be accounted for.

All accounts will be settled, believe that.  Nobody is getting away with anything.  The time to repent, and pray and fast and get down on our knees seeking grace and mercy-that time is now-today.  If enough of us are found on the right side of the equation perhaps the Lord will spare America with more time.  If not, this world is about to find out what an angry God looks like.  God help us.

The Lord our God is very great

Glory to God

grace and peace