Thursday, March 21, 2024

It's Not Too Late

 video here.  Brother Cahn does a good job of laying out the case.  The Lord has presented us with a choice.  All things are possible with God.  The Restrainer is alive and well on planet earth today.  The Lord knows how to set the enemy back in order to work out time and circumstance to His liking.  If we would like more peaceful days under the sun, we and our brothers and sisters must repent, revive and stand in righteousness.  We must also stand in the gap for this nation for the sake of our family, friends, the brothers and sisters and all those who will join the family through our work.

The time of business as usual apathy and complacency are over and we should thank God for that.  Enough of the stupid religious games, the self righteousness and all the other nonsense that has been going on for far too long.  One way or another and sooner rather than later that comes to an end.  The Lord God has drawn a line in the sand so we better carefully consider what we choose next because the consequences will be monumental.

It times past to our natural eye things looked like smooth sailing all the way out to the horizon.  This time, the Lord has brought the enemy inside the gates so we could see what we are up against and how perilous our position is on this earth.  We dont have to use our imagination, we have sudden destruction staring humanity in the face.  In His mercy, the Lord God has given us a way out of this mess.

We need to take this deadly serious because it is life or death laid out before us.  Our choice, lets choose wisely.

Glory to God

grace and peace