Friday, March 01, 2024

There Are No "Good Guys" Coming to Save Us


Isa 47

12Stand fast in your enchantments
and your many sorceries,
with which you have labored from your youth;
perhaps you may be able to succeed;
perhaps you may inspire terror.
13You are wearied with your many counsels;
let them stand forth and save you,
those who divide the heavens,
who gaze at the stars,
who at the new moons make known
what shall come upon you.

14Behold, they are like stubble;
the fire consumes them;
they cannot deliver themselves
from the power of the flame.
No coal for warming oneself is this,
no fire to sit before!
15Such to you are those with whom you have labored,
who have done business with you from your youth;
they wander about, each in his own direction;
there is no one to save you.

As for the orange man, he is the guy who warp speeded the bioweap for deployment against us and to this day stands by the decision.  Orange man bad (OMB) is the one who refused to fire dr death (Fauci) even as a last parting act when he left the presidency.  OMB is the guy who is following the rules by warning everyone by reading "the snake" poem at the beginning of campaigning both in 2016 and 2024.  The snake poem has nothing to do with immigrants.  He is telling us he is the snake and you invite him in then get bitten and wonder "what just happened?"  He is following the rules, he is warning everyone up front...

Now if you want the real evidence of snakes on both sides, consider this.  The narcissistic psychopaths already know for a fact that they can do whatever they want to us and nobody will lift a finger to help.  How do they know this?  Attempted genocide of millions and to this day how many "uprisings" have you seen of the people pushing back on large scale attempted murder?  Zero, none, nada:

15Such to you are those with whom you have labored,
who have done business with you from your youth;
they wander about, each in his own direction;
there is no one to save you.

So what?  So, if OMB was such a big threat to the satanic psychotic narcissists, why not "decarbonize" him like they attempted to do with millions of us?  They already know for a fact that nobody will lift a finger in opposition.  The masses will do what they have already done...nothing and they know that so once again, why not decarbonize OMB if he is such a threat?  Why?  Because despite all the drama and all the big show, when push comes to shove OMB is doing the bidding of "the snake" the serpent, his master...

Its all very distasteful, this idea that no human help is coming but that's the entire point.  That is precisely what the Lord God is pushing until people start to wake up and smell the coffee.  No human is coming to save anybody so if we want help, we better get down on our knees and pray for it.  Most will refuse and chase their carnal answers to spiritual problems which will have predictable results.

We are in a spiritual war.  Yep, its complex and yes it hurts.  The sheep and the goats are being herded to their respective pens.  For us who believe this is no big newsflash.  Read your Bible, what does it say?  It says, yes there is a man coming, but not to help... and the world will wonder after him:

Revelation 13:4

They worshiped the dragon who had given authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can wage war against it?”

Playtime is over, things are getting real (and getting there fast).  The stage has been set and the guests have been invited to witness the end time show.  Babylon is setup for destruction that can take place in a single day.  We all should be down on our knees thanking the Lord God for each and every peaceful day He grants us in this evil season.

While we watch we are also to be busy doing all the things we were placed on this earth to do.  We serve our Father's Kingdom and He is working every day to accomplish all that He desires.  We are to be working toward the same ends.  Let us pray that our sins are forgiven and we all may be found worthy to escape all that is about to happen and stand before our Lord.  Let us pray that we are found in the very center of our Lord's will for our lives today.  Let us be actively praying over and for those found in our circle of influence.  And let us always be sensitive to the voice of the Lord our God do what we are told (obedience).

The Lord our God is very great.

Glory to God

grace and peace