Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Rapture-Part 7

If the "escape" talked about in Luke21:36 is going to occur before the tribulation as I believe it will based on the information discussed in previous posts on this blog, then when would the most likey time be for the Lord to catch people by surprise, or unexpected as He says in His Word?

Seems to me, it would be at a time when things are going relatively well for people. When things are going well, people tend to forget about the Lord. When things are hitting the fan left and right, when terrible events are rocking the world, people are looking for the Lord.

I imagine that any day now would be a good day for the Lord to reveal Himself to His people and catch us up in the air to be with Him forever. He specifically told us to be watching for Him, as an ongoing command. The better things are going in the world, the more complacent people become, the more vigilant we should be. Its at times like these that He is most likely to show up. Brother D