Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Reality of Hell and The Lord's Soon Return

Hell is a real place. Matt 25:46 tells us that there is an eternal hell as well as an eternal heaven. Time is so short, it's time for people to wake up. The master (Jesus) is going to return at a time like this. 2006 has been a relatively quiet year as compared with the other years we've seen since 9/11/2001. Matt 24:36 tells us that the time of the Lord's return will be like the days of Naoh, when people were going about their business, with nothing extraordinary going on except Noah's lone voice warning them that Judgement was coming. There are still a few voices crying out that Judgement is coming. The stakes could'nt be any higher, the souls of men weigh in the balance. I've never seen a flood of voices speaking the counsel of Satan as we are hearing today. We hear that there is no hell, there is a virtual avalanche of voices claiming that God does not even exist. These voices come from former so called ministers who served in the apostate christianity that exists in this world and they wonder why they are disillusioned? The God of this world has blinded the minds of most because they refuse to believe the truth and so be saved. People today have surrounded themselves with voices of men that their ears are itching to hear while their souls are nicked by the fires of hell.

If people understood just how bad hell is, some might change their minds. The bible says that even if men rose from the dead to proclaim how bad hell is, men still would'nt believe. Indeed men saw and heard Jesus in the flesh, they watched Him perform miracles before their very eyes and yet they STILL DID'NT BELIEVE. Truly incredible.

It does'nt take a very vivid imagination to know how bad hell is going to be. For example, there will be no rest, day or night for the people who are in torment there. In this life, regardless of how bad things get, sleep is always a sweet escape from the cares and worries we may or may not have. In hell they won't even have that. Then there's the whole issue of the spirit body versus this carbon based wet suit we wear now. This body has a certain tolerance for pain , then it shuts down, the spirit body has an infinite capacity for pain, and can never die. There are limits to what our suffering can be on this earth both from the design of our bodies and the limits the Lord has set on our suffering. In hell these limiting factors will not be there. There will be darkness unlike anything humans have experienced, there will be fear, constant, pervasive and oppresive, there will be pain unlike anything we can think of or imagine. Perhaps the worst part of all will be, no hope. All the lies that people comfort themselves with here on earth will be blown to smithereens and all that will be left is the certain knowledge of forever and ever and ever torment.

The Lord draws us to Him with heaven and pushes us towards Him with his warnings of hell. He offers grace and peace, eternal pleasures as well as things so great that we can't think of or imagine them right now. Today is the day of grace. Time has run out, there are no more chances, time is that short. There are no guarantees that anyone as an individual has another minute left on this planet. Turn your life over to Jesus today, there is still time to escape all that is about to happen on this planet and stand before the Son of Man. Do it now.

Your brother~Dave