Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Life Principle

Read Romans, Ephesians and the rest of the epistles. God’s way is to put His life into each person who is born again. That life grows from within and transforms us. He calls each of us to a work and gives us gifts. He likens us to a body, connected to one another, flowing life to one another – no part is more important than the other. Man’s way is to create offices, hierarchies, and organizations. God’s way is to create functions and real life connections. We are not to have the office of a pastor but to function as one (if that is your gift) We are not to have the office of a teacher but function as one. God speaks in terms of functions, not offices – an evangelist, an elder, a deacon (one who serves others), being given to hospitality, visiting the sick, etc. These are things Christians do, not offices they hold. You don’t have to go to Bible School and Seminary. You just let the Lord flow through you and do it.