Saturday, November 20, 2010

More on "The Clouds Parted"

The last post here described an experience I had with the Lord. I was in a mental and physical "fog" and the Lord parted that fog, brought back the bright lights in my heart and mind and gave me a clear view of what my future should look like.

I don't want to re-write that post, but I would like to add to it that the Lord showed me a number of very specific, seemingly mundane things in my life that I need to do. The Lord truly is interested in every detail of our lives. I think about 5 or 6 things fired through my mind in relatively quick succession while I was sitting at my desk in a state of bliss.

The reason I write this to you today is to ask you, "how much would someone pay to have God Almighty part the clouds in their life and show them their path forward in a very specific way, right down to the details? How much is that worth? I can tell you that the Lord's counsel to me is worth more than all the treasure the world has to offer. To know for a fact that the Lord has spoken to you is something that goes beyond words, and its something He does for us. I know He does these things because the Word says He will lead us and He just performed an act of "leading"....again, His Word is true down to the very letter. At various times in my life He has done this kind of thing but its always in different ways at different times.

Seek the Lord's face. Ask Him for His counsel. Pray, seek, ask, knock and the door will be opened. There is nothing special about this brother writing to you today. Anything done for me, can and will be done for you if you believe and keep the faith. Don't believe anything I tell you, read your bibles, seek the Word and counsel found in there. Seek the Lord and His guidance. I can tell you that this experience with the Lord was a surprise. I have been asking Him repeatedly about the future, and until writing this just now, I had not realized that He gave me what I needed to know about the future and all of it was very specific to me and my life. I had been asking Him about more broad world issues and He answered with specifics about my life only.

It is for us to ask, and for Him to deliver how He wants and when He wants. He does not answer according to the preconceived agendas we have. He answers as a loving Father with what we need to know at the right time. I have been riding a kind of high since that day and I intent to proceed forward boldly with the information and direction the Lord has given me. There is true power in knowing for sure that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to be doing it. These things only the Lord can deliver. He is very very good.

Keep the faith, ask, seek, knock. Grace and peace