Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Many Dead' As 7.2 Quake Shakes Turkey

They are reporting this earthquake but they didnt even bother to report on the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific earlier this week

Guys, a 7+ earthquake is a monster. Do you remember what the 7+ did to Haiti a couple years ago? These 7.0+ earthquakes are now popping off routinely.

So what brother D, what does that have to do with Christianity? It has to do with the time of the end. If you read the book of Revelation you will see massive earthquakes the likes of which this world has never seen. The Lord, as always, appears to be using the creation to judge the creation. The increase in the number of very large quakes, that is, 7.0 or greater shows us a progression toward to precise fulfillment of the Words written by our Lord.

We know whats going to happen. The Lord has told us everything in advance. We can expect an exact to the letter fulfillment of every Word written in the Bible. If we know whats coming in the future, and we know where we are now, we can draw a line from here to there and know generally what to expect. For this reason, when this writer sees warnings from the powers that be that an extinction level event is coming (or many), this writer pays attention. Why? Certainly not because this world has said something, but because the words coming out of their mouth match what we know for a fact is going to happen, that is, extinction level events are on the way.

Ok, again so what? So what if extinction level events are coming? If the tribulation is about to start, then our redemption draws nigh and we should be looking up, watching and ready for our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ to appear.

Something is causing all these earth shaking events. Do we have to correctly identify exactly what is causing them? Its Nibiru, no its ELEnin, no its the expanding earth theory, no its something else....does it really matter what is causing it? Not really. What matters is, its happening and thats undeniable fact. Events are progressing exactly as the Bible said they would, and that matters.

We as servants of the Lord should observe what is happening in the world with all gravity. We were told to be watching and ready today and each and every day thereafter for the return of the Lord. We were told to be doing those things that wise servants would do. Let us be found like the wise servants, with oil in our jars and prepared to wait for our Lord but also prepared to leave this earth immediately.

These large earthquakes and volcanoes that are erupting are telltale signs of something like Nibiru exerting its influence on the earth. Large earthquakes and volcanoes change lives permanently, just ask the people of Japan. I believe the Lord spoke a few words to me yesterday, and one of the ideas from those words was that as time progresses now we must walk closer and closer to Him in moment to moment dependence on Him for guidance and survival.

Read your bibles. Read about men like Moses who "walked with God." We should be like them. We should be walking with our Lord God in faith and dependence every moment of every day now. We know whats coming but we dont know when it will happen. This world is playing timing games to pull everyone off track. They say that since people cant nail down the day things are going to happen, then nothing is going to happen? How foolish. But thats their game and it is working on many people.

Famine, war, earthquakes and plague are coming to this earth. If you look around you will see that they are already here! Apparently what we see today are just shadows of whats coming. The Bible is very clear, the events that are coming will melt mens hearts right in their chests from fear. I dont think this world has even a remote idea of whats coming or their attitudes and actions would be radically different.

What do I believe the Lord spoke to me yesterday? We require moment to moment walk and communication and dependence on Him today. That and be patient. The things the Lord has done in this writers life over the past 3 year lead him to believe on one hand we dont have long to wait and on the other hand we still have to wait patiently. It seems almost contradictory and in a sense it is but thats what we have been called to, ready to stay and ready to go.

Be patient. Probability tells us nothing out of the ordinary will happen today or tomorrow or on Dec 21, 2012 or on any other day, but ask the people of Turkey today about what can happen when possibility strikes and you didnt expect it. The United States has not yet been on the receiving end of any of these 7.0+ quakes lately. This writer believes the reason why is something special (not in a good way) is being prepared for her.

This writer believes he has not seen or heard a true prophet of God in his entire lifetime and the reason for that is, he believes what is going to happen has already been foretold in the Bible. Does the Lord really need to tell us again what He has already told us in His Word? The only thing we dont know today is the timing of it all. When we see storm clouds above its reasonable to expect rain. We must be watching and ready for the Lords return today. We must also patiently wait for however long the Lord plans to tarry in the future. This is the difficult task we have been given and it does require suffering on our part. No surprises right? In this life we will have tribulation, but not THE tribulation.....

Keep the faith, be patient. Remember the Lord at all times in everything you do. Trust Him, praise Him all the time. Let His praise be in your mouth continually as you await your redemption from heaven. These are the thoughts this writer is impressed with today. grace and peace