Monday, August 20, 2012

The End of The Daughter of Babylon-America

Before we get started, yesterday there was another 6.2 in Papua New Guinea-just an FYI.  The large ones 6+ are almost daily now.  Onto today's post.

We can read about the future of America in Jeremiah 50-51.  The Word of the Lord in these chapters was for literal Babylon AND for future Babylon (the daughter of Babylon).  How do we know that the Word was not only referring to ancient Babylon?  The coming destruction will leave Babylon uninhabitable forever.  You can read this for yourself thoughout Jer 50-51.  No man will walk there, nobody will live there.  People current do live in Ancient Babylon (Iraq) so the Lord must be pointing to some other place at some future time.  America is the place, the time could be soon.

With all that said the Lord has directed my attention to Jeremiah 50-51 this morning.  There is much to be said about these chapters but I will only highlight a small part now:

Jer 50:35“A sword against the Babylonians!”
declares the Lord—
“against those who live in Babylon
and against her officials and wise men!
36A sword against her false prophets!
They will become fools.
A sword against her warriors!
They will be filled with terror.
37A sword against her horses and chariots
and all the foreigners in her ranks!
They will become women.
A sword against her treasures!
They will be plundered.
38A drought ond her waters!
They will dry up.
For it is a land of idols,
idols that will go mad with terror.
39“So desert creatures and hyenas will live there,
and there the owl will dwell.
It will never again be inhabited
or lived in from generation to generation.
40As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah
along with their neighboring towns,”
declares the Lord,

If you want to know what is happening and why it is happening just read Jer 50-51.  Are America's treasures being plundered?  Absolutely, all her wealth is being siphoned off and given to others.  A drought on her waters?  Have you read the news this year?  The largest natural catastrophe in US history?

America, Babylon is being overthrown just as Sodom and Gomorrah.  Interesting reference the Lord uses here don't you think?  At a time when the president of Babylon shakes his fist in the Almighty's face by endorsing gay rights and gay marriage?  Sodom and Gomorrah was mentioned for a reason.  Look at Obama and his policies and follow the dots to the natural conclusion.

And last but not least from Jer 50-51.  The Lord connected this for me in about 5 min. so I think its more than an accidental finding:

Jer 5142The sea will rise over Babylon;
its roaring waves will cover her.

Now compare this to the dreams and visions people have been having about tsunami waves hitting the U.S.:

The Lord has also been on me about coming famine and how society will break down.  Today people for the most part get along but let the food disappear from the shelves and neighbors will claw over each other to provide for their families.  It will be absolute horror and it is coming (Rev 6+).

And last but not least another piece of evidence putting Jeremiah 50-51 here and now.  What do we read about in the news constantly?  Tension with what country?  Iran, the Medes/Persians.  That is current and it is real.  What did the Lord say about the Medes-Iran?

Jer 51:11“Sharpen the arrows,
take up the shields!
The Lord has stirred up the kings of the Medes,
because his purpose is to destroy Babylon.

I do not know when anything will happen but I do know we are to be watching in readiness for the Lord to appear for us at any moment.  Every Word that was written will be fulfilled exactly as it was written.  Every promise will be fulfilled for those who inherit them by faith and patience.

... indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to
inherit God's promises because of their faith and endurance.

This has been a common theme here.  We inherit the promises because of faith and patience.  We could be waiting for a long time or our wait could be over in the next hour, only the Lord knows.  We must hold onto faith and patience.  The Lord provides the grace but we must lay hold of it through faith and patience.

May the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.