Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Fireballs

Just look at how many fireball stories are popping up in the news.

Green-Tailed Meteor Over Turtle Island

Indian Country Today Media - ‎18 hours ago‎
The American Meteor Society said on its website that it had received 631 reports about the fireball from Connecticut, Washington D.C.

Volleyball-sized fireball streaks across East Coast sky (+video)

Christian Science Monitor - ‎Mar 23, 2013‎
Reports of a flash of light that streaked across the sky over the U.S. East Coast appeared to be a "single meteor event," the U.S.

Green fireball spotted in sky along East Coast

NECN - ‎Mar 23, 2013‎
"These kinds of fireballs, which could be either meteoric in origin, like an asteroid, or manmade, like a satellite, look similar

Is this normal?  No.  We know why this is happening.  Notice the lack of analysis on daily fireballs streaking across the sky?  Surely one of the 'experts' out there would have noticed that 10,000 ton space rocks and nightly shows in our sky are not normal and point to something happening out in space?  But they aren't saying and if they do say its going to be something utterly ridiculous like fireworks shot down birds in Arkansas, or dye companies that 'went out of business' dyed the rivers red in Lebanon, China and Australia.

Obama's trip to Israel ended anticlimactically  and that was probably the plan.  Get everyone pumped up then let it go so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Push, pull, push pull until people get tired of it and stop watching.  Today is not a good day to stop watching.  We haven't seen this years mega-quake yet I wonder when that's going to hit and what the result will be.  I also wonder what's going to happen to the world financial system when the outright confiscation of bank accounts works its way from Cyprus to the U.S.  I wonder why DHS purchased 2 billion rounds of ammo and 2,700 tanks.  I wonder about all the things happening around us, each of which could flip the world upside down and are all about to impact at the same time.

Do I worry?  No.  All these things were designed to get our attention.  Sure, the enemy sends his phony signals out but they only serve as training and reasons to be watching all the more.  The Lord is coming back, that is certain.  Those who tell us not to watch will likely be very disappointed.  Any day now we could be standing face to face with Jesus for a variety of reasons, then what?  We better be ready right?

Readiness means being in Christ when we are called out of this place.  Watching is done with spiritual eyes through prayer:

... Continue in prayer, and watch in it with thanksgiving; .... ...
// - 17k
... But the end of all things is at hand: be therefore
sober minded, and watch unto prayer

Lets be watching and ready when our Lord arrives.  It could be sooner than we think.

grace and peace