Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Reality Of The Lord

Here's another little something the Lord brought to my mind as I was thinking about the path this world is on and the bad things are will inevitably happen as a result of being on this path.

When the bad thing happens, the reality of the Lord must be equal to or greater than the reality of the bad thing whatever that is. How do we make the reality of the Lord greater in us?  Time in His presence and that does not mean just prayer time or bible reading time or those special times we have set aside for Him.  Its the walking, talking, living breathing with the Lord every day, day in and day out that will make Him greater in us and to us than the problems we face.

How can we move mountains with our faith if the mountain is bigger than our faith?  How big can our faith be?  Infinitely great because we serve an infinite God.  Compared to infinite mountains aren't so impressive and neither are our problems.

On a slightly different note the Lord has me completely turned away from the things going on in and around the world right now.  The signs and signals are all mounting greater than they ever have before and now He turns my attention away from them.  How strange, His will be done.

grace and peace