Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Debunking" The Shemitah?

Now I've seen it all.  In recent days I have seen people "debunking" the blood moons (because they are not the "right" shade of red to qualify as blood moons?).  Now we have people attempting to debunk the Shemitah as well.  Good luck to them trying to reinvent math:

Some math facts for these people to chew on:

(from Zerohedge, link below)
the $9 trillion drop in combined market cap between the MSCI All World index and Chinese stocks, is the second highest ever, surpassed only by the $13 plunge in global market capitalization in late 2008.

Wait, $9 trillion? Yes: for all the focus on the modest correction in the S&P500, what most have forgotten is that in addition to the US, various other development markets, not to mention emerging markets, have lost trillions and trillions in value since their May peaks. According to SocGen calculations, there has been a $1 trillion drop in emerging markets, a $4 trillion decline in development equity markets, and let's not forget, the bursting of the Chinese stock bubble, which from a peak market capitalization of $10 trillion in early June, or about the same as China's GDP, has lost some $4 trillion, since despite the Chinese government's increasingly more desperate and futile attempts to reflate the bubble.
Combining all this, SocGen summarizes, "we are looking at an overall $US9 trillion loss of market capitalization in less than 3 months!

Numbers like 2 (nd highest), and 9 (TRILLION) and 3 (months) are numbers they should be able to understand.

What's the lesson in this?  They will also try to debunk all 7 of the seals, all 7 of the trumpet judgments and all 7 of the vial judgments.  And what is ultimately behind all this debunking?  Denial that the hand of God is at work.  This world and those who belong to it desperately try to debunk, redirect, camouflage and otherwise discredit everything and anything the Lord does.  Along these same lines is the subject of CERN.  Does anyone really believe demons or fallen angels or the devil needs CERN to manifest or interact with this world?  What kind of drugs are these people smoking?  This entire topic of CERN is a gigantic smokescreen to give a false (non-spiritual) explanation for the spiritual reality of what is coming.  They will say it was technology, not spirit that produces what is coming.

Where was CERN when this happened?

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Genesis 6:4            
... The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons
of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. ...

Oh yes, that's right they didn't even have electricity back then much less CERN.  So much for  technological excuses.

What is happening now and coming in the future has everything to do with spirit and The Spirit.  A realization and contemplation of the spiritual reality of our existence is something the "debunking" community desperately wants to cover up.

9 Trillion US dollars worth of global market cap erased in 3 months.  Debunk that.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.