Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Last Reformation-YES!!!!!!!!!

This week I happened across the videos of this brother and everything inside me says YES to what I see!  What you have read on this blog over the past 8 years is more or less the same thing this guy is saying, except the Spirit of the Lord takes it even further with "the last reformation".

The sick are healed

demons are cast out

Jesus and the Gospel are preached

The Spirit of the Lord working like FIRE

Churchianity is put on the sideline and the Spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ and the true Church is put front and center!

And of course, there are still the critics.  Why?  Because by natural extension all of the monuments to man (church buildings, church organizations, church money) that exists in todays fraudulent church organizations would be wiped out by this-which is why the truth has never been popular.

The Lord Himself confirms His Word.  He is confirming His work and His Word with His presence and His power, signs and miracles.  Also notice the joy in and around this work.....

This is the only Christian organization in the history of this blog that has ever been endorsed.  Why?  Because the Spirit of the Lord endorses it!  This blog does not belong to brother D, it belongs to the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord says YES to the last reformation.

You can watch hundreds (seemingly) of videos made by this brother.  He also has an online school called the pioneer school that you can easily lookup.

After writing here for 8 years, everything the Lord has said to this writer can be found in the work brother Torben is doing.  Yes, Yes and AMEN!!!!!!!!!

grace and peace