Thursday, November 15, 2018


Could 2024-2032 be the rough outline of the tribulation period?  If you give or take 6 months from the ends of those dates you get the 7 years but the exact time is not the point of this post, its a rough outline.

I have seen the date 2032 come up multiple times now from various sources.  Also, 2024 and 2028 continue to pop up.  Check out this video about the grand solar minimum we are entering and the effect it is already having, and will have on the world.  Also note some of the dates given for these impacts.

Then consider the great American eclipse phases.  Phase one we already saw in August 2017, but the second phase that completes a great "X" over America takes place in 2024.

Then consider, if Trump wins a second presidential election, when does he leave office?  2024.

Mr. Armstrong over at Armstrong economics is one of, if not the best financial forecasters in the world.  He has a model called the economic confidence model that ends guess when?  2032.

No, we do not know the day or hour the Lord is going to come back but we would have to be willingly blind not to see the signs and signals the Lord is stacking up all around us to get our attention.

grace and peace