Monday, May 27, 2019

He Died For You Personally

This is one He has been on me to write so here it is.  Most of us do not truly understand the fullness of what happened on the cross when our Lord died for us.  Because we are human and not God we do not have the capacity or capability to do what He did.  What do you mean?

When our Lord Jesus was on that cross, when He was dieing for our sins, He did it for all mankind.  We know that.  What is less clear is our Lord's ability to compress and expand time.  What does that mean?  It means there are times we can understand where a minute feels like an hour or an entire day flies by in what seems like a minute.  Its time compression and expansion.  This is what our Lord impressed upon this writer to share with you:

You personally were not 'lost in the shuffle' in our Lord's attention as He died for all mankind on that cross.  On that day, each one of us individually had what seemed like an eternity of attention by our Lord Jesus Christ as He died for us.  This is something only an all powerful omniscient God can do.  He is everywhere at once.  He does not live in time, time lives in him.  These are things hard for us to understand but understand this.  When our Lord was hanging on that cross shedding His blood, He did it for you personally with His full attention on you as He did it.  You were not some blur as all the names of mankind flashed by His eyes that would be the way a finite being would have to process the event, one things at a time.

He was able to process all of us at the same time, with His full unwavering attention on each one of us as an individual at the same time He saw all of us collectively.  Its hard to wrap our mortal brains around it but the point is, He wants us to know how we were loved then and how we are loved now.  He wants us to know how special we are to Him, then and now.

And we in return are to hold Him in the same regard.  He is the most special and cherished things in our lives.  We recognize what He did for us and we love Him for it.  When He died on that cross you might as well consider He spent the entire time looking at you and thinking about you specifically as an individual as He died for you because that is what happened.  Only He could do this while at the same time doing the exact same thing with everyone else He died for.

Thank you thank you Lord Jesus Christ for what you did for us.  We love you!