Thursday, March 05, 2020

3 Things

Three things the Lord has impressed this servant with:

1.  Talents-this is a big one that has been posted on in the not too distant past and the Lord is driving it home.  What are your talents?  What are your gifts?  What has the Lord entrusted you with to do your part for the Kingdom?  Whatever the answer to those questions are we need to get focused and get on it.  Some may not have noticed that time is flying by.  Yesterday is gone, today is gone its all just flying by.  We do not have unlimited time to do whatever it is each of us is to do for the kingdom so ask the Lord about it, focus and get after it.

2.  Pressure-Diamonds are formed in the condition of pressure over a long period of time (in this life you will have tribulation).  We are to 1.  identify what it is we were created to do and 2. get after it.  Keep the pressure on your area of the battle.  Each one of us is a foot-soldier serving the master General.  He gave us a sector to work in, we need to fight the good fight wherever that is for each of us personally.

3.  5 steps forward 3 steps back-My daughter asked me recently "why is it sometimes I ask the Lord something and He does not answer?"  Its the age old question answered many times here but He actually gave me an answer to give back to my daughter last night that I had to admire and share with you.  It goes something like this:

You are on a path from point A to point B.  That path has on it a wrap up of all the Lord has for you including the answer to your prayers as the Lord is pleased to answer them.  So you set off on your journey and you take 5 steps forward then you have to take 3 steps back, then you take 8 steps forward and 6 steps back, then another 3 steps forward 1 back, hopefully by now you are getting the picture.  During these "steps back" not only are you apparently not getting what you asked for but appearances would say you received exactly the thing you did not want!  The steps back are painful.  The steps back test our faith.  The steps back appear to be real setbacks.  The steps back are necessary parts of the process to move us in the direction we need to go.  The Lord works in mysterious ways remember?  In all things the Lord works for good for those who love Him, remember?  All true.

If you do the math up there, there are more steps forward than steps back....we need to remember that the next time we ask something and appearances are we received the opposite or its not what we wanted.  Do the big math.  The Lord is looking at the big picture most of the time we are lucky if we are looking past our own noses.  I thought that little gem was impressive and I will be polishing that one up to place in the quiver of arrows reserved for fighting the good fight of faith.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May His face shine upon you and grant you peace.

grace and peace