Saturday, November 07, 2020

We Were Born For This


First note today we find below:

Phil 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

The second note is tied to the first and that is in this day and age, our presence here on earth was Divinely ordained.  It was not a mistake that you are here right now reading these words with the world falling apart around you.

The third note is about Trump.  As opposed to some other people who claim to be prophets, the Lord never told this writer that Trump would be elected again.  If he is, great, we have a little more time.  If he is not (regardless of the fraud etc) we have less time.  This election is not about Trump its about the Lord God's plan and the timing of that plan.  Our Lord already told us exactly what is going to happen, the only question now is "when?"  When are the things the Lord already told us are going to happen, going to happen?

If Bidens far left, globalist, communist handlers are successful here it is pretty much game over for America unless the Lord sends another miracle to this country immediately.  As goes America, so will go the rest of the world.  People all over the world are watching the fraud unfold and are holding their breath to watch the outcome.  If Biden becomes the next president that means the globalist "great reset" will be greenlighted and the destruction that started with the scamdemic will be finished in relatively short order.

In spite of all this ^^ the counsel of the Spirit of the Lord to us His Church is "do not be anxious" about any of it.  We were born for this.  Which brings us back to the message the Spirit of the Lord had for this servant before the enemy plan was implemented this year with the scamdemic.  It has been a habit of this servant to ask the Lord at the end of each year what His guidance is for the next year.  What did He give this servant the end of last year/beginning of this year?  The parable of the talents.  More specifically we are to develop our skills and abilities (talents) to be used for His Kingdom both now and in the future as He sees fit.  He is the Master Craftsman, we are the tools in His toolbox.  When He calls on us to be used, we must be ready to be used.

If the globalists are successful with their coup d'etat in America through outright theft of the election, that means we have less time than we thought.  If Trump is out, he has already performed his service for the Lord.  What was Trumps job?

1.  wrecking ball-one of his jobs was to disrupt enough of the enemy's plans and timeline to stall (not permanently stop) their progress.  Mission accomplished.

2. illumination flare-another job was to illuminate the depth and breadth of corruption that exists throughout the government, corporate America and society at large.  Again, mission accomplished.

3.  door stop in time-Had Hillary been elected what we are seeing now would have taken place sooner.  Hillary, like Biden would have been the final nail in America's coffin.

What was'nt Trumps job?

1.  Make america great again-the Lord never said that, and it certainly did not turn out that way.  Mission failed.  The only way america could ever climb out of the hole she was in was to be successful with point 2 below, which is dig out the corruption.  Again-mission failed

2. Drain the swamp-Trump filled his cabinet with swamp creatures.  Not a single criminal from the Obama whitehouse or the deep state went to jail.  Not one of them.  The only people who went to jail were members of Trump's whitehouse or others who were affiliated with him.  Mission failed.

Its debatable if Trump is even a Christian but that does not really matter either.  He has been doing the job of a Cyrus.  Cyrus was a Persian, not a Jew when he set Israel free from Babylon.  Same thing, different age.

Bottom line here is the Lord is working doing His General level stuff and He expects us to do our grunt/soldier level stuff.  When He graces us with some info on the big picture, great.  Otherwise we need to be doing what we were told to do:

1.  dont be anxious

2.  pray about everything all the time

3.  do your job-you were born for this day in this age to do work that you were designed to do beforehand based on the skills and abilities deposited in you.  Whatever it is you are good at, or whatever it is that lights some kind of fire within you-that is your job, get to work!

Glory to God

Grace and Peace