Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Long Game 2

 Yesterday we covered the idea of Moses being used outside of Egypts political system to set the Jews free from slavery inside the system.  Are there other examples of this?  Sure, how about Babylon?  Israel was captive in Babylon, did they "get involved" inside the Babylonian political systems to set themselves free from Babylon?  No, they did not nor did the Lord ever suggest that to Israel.  What happened?  The Lord sent Cyrus from Persia to set Israel free.  This event of sending Cyrus had absolutely zero to do with Israel getting involved with either Babylon's nor Persia's political leaders, the Lord Himself did it on Israel's behalf.  

Who in Israel knew that this was how Israel was going to be set free from Babylon and returned to their homeland?  Who in Israel sent letters to Cyrus asking him to do this?  Nobody.  This is the difference between man's thinking and the Lord.  His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

As things stand now Christians are captive to the Babylonian system.  We are all living behind enemy lines just as Israel was both in Egypt and in Babylon.  So once again, looking at the fraud and wickedness taking place thoughout the political systems especially in the west has nothing to do with if/when the Lord is answering the prayers of His people (us).  Trump or Biden winning a Babylonian election is irrelevant.  The only way Christians will get any relief from Babylon is if the Lord provides it.  

Where does our freedom come from?  The Lord.  Where does our peace come from?  The Lord.  Where does our provision, strength and guidance come from?  The Lord.  Case closed.  So for those people wringing their hands and thinking "woe is me" the Babylonian political system failed us, they need to snap out of it and look to the only source of relief which is the Lord our God.

grace and peace