Tuesday, June 01, 2021

We Need To Pray 2

 If the previous post we pointed out that if we like to be able to eat we need to pray.  Why?  The satanic establishment told us they were going to conduct cyberattacks (drills-uh huh) on our critical infrastructure just like they conducted pandemic "drills" before the covid scamdemic became a thing.  Now what?  No we have seen 1. a cyber attack ransomware attack on a major east coast oil pipeline and now 2. the same thing on a meat processing company.  They told us they were going to do these attacks and now they are doing them.  Who is going to stop these psycopaths?  We can guarantee that the useless political class are either 1. paid off to sit on their hands or 2. make the problem worse if possible.  More of the same just a different day.

Is anyone else tired of the constant in our face attacks by the same people who are supposed to be "leading" us?  If you want your food supply, water supply, oil, gas and power supply protected so you can just live a normal life then you and I and everyone else who knows the Lord needs to pray and do it now.  These satanic psycopaths will not stop until they are stopped with spiritual force.  We do not war the way this world does.  The devil could care less how much you "vote" or "get involved" in politics, in fact he laughs in your face.  Why?  He owns all that stuff.  The devil and his minions will not be laughing however when you get down on your knees and join your prayers with every other believer on the face of the earth to put a stop to these attacks.  

Enough is enough, at least it has been for some of us.  While we pray, we must also be patient to wait for the timing of our Lords response.  He put us here for a reason in this season.  All of us have somewhat different jobs to do according to our talents and abilities but each and everyone of us is expected to pray and do that without ceasing 24/7 365.  When we are walking, driving, eating whatever and these issues cross our mind that is a cue to lift the issue up in prayer.  That is real "doing something about it."  Sadly many people who call themselves by our Lords name do not really believe that prayer works.  Sure, they pay it lip service but when push comes to shove they always side with the flesh and the ways of this world over the ways of our Fathers kingdom.

A believer praying on their knees will put to flight 1,000 enemy foot soldiers involved in the ways and means of this world.  Our kingdom is not of this world, its time we started acting like it.  Pray, fast, believe, be patient, rinse and repeat over and over until we get our answers.  Its time to wake up and do the things we we born to do on this earth in this season.  If we do our part in the spiritual realm the enemy is going to have significant problems in this earthly realm and that is exactly what we want.

grace and peace