Friday, January 14, 2022

The Last Person He Exposed Was Himself

 Now we know without a shadow of a doubt Trump sold out to the globalists.  But wait a minute brother D I thought he was used by the Lord accomplish some stuff?  Yep, mission accomplished.  One of the jobs Trump had was to pop an illumination flare over the battlefield so we could see how the forces of the enemy were arrayed against us.  Trump was the perfect tool for the job he did, a loose cannon who upset even people he was secretly allied to.  There were many tells that Trump was a wolf in sheeps clothing but by far the biggest one is tripling and quadroupling down on the vakseens.

We have to understand that the vaks is the tool the satanic establishment has chosen to usher in their new world.  You break that link in their drive train and the whole thing comes to a full stop.  There is no bigger cheerleader in the world right now for the vaks than Mr Donald Trump, let that sink in.  "But what about all the good things he did?"  Here is the image the Spirit of the Lord gave me about  "all of the good things" Trump did:

"All of the good things" were bait to get the American people to bite down hard on that thing you see above.  "Build the wall" was bait.  Cancel Obamacare was bait.  "Drain the swamp" was bait.  "Make America great again" was bait.  All of this bait fits nice and neat on a giant hook that is called the vakseen and they want all of us to bite down hard on it.

Also consider this video displaying evidence of Trumps long history of saying whatever he needs to say for short term gain.  

So what?  So it appears at the moment the contenders for the election in 2024 will be Biden (if he survives that long?) or Hillary vs Trump.  Do you know what that is called?  Heads, they win.  Tails, we lose.  Great deal huh?  Hopefully it is becoming more clear why the Lord placed a giant X over America with solar eclipses, the first in 2016, the last in 2024:

Interesting that both solar eclipses start at the beginning of Trump presidencies (potentially).  So the complete X over America is formed in 2024, what about today 2022?  Mr Biden is running the country into the ground making alot of progress in a short amount of time.  It does appear however that the tides are beginning to turn on him which is just in time to usher in "the good guys" to save the day.  The problem is "the good guys" in this case are the bad guys dressed in different clothes.

You will not find a stronger cheerleader for the vaks anywhere and the vaks is the drivetrain of the nwo juggernaut.  This tells you everything you need to know about Mr. Trump.  He exposed the enemy all around him just by being himself then he exposed himself as one of them.  

The enemy knows that the american public is itching to "vote the bums out" so they have two choices: 1. rig the elections again to put in another left wing stooge (knowing the American people will roll over and play dead like last time-they win) or 2.  make all that messy election fraud in 2020 seem like it was just a bad dream and allow the unwashed masses to elect a left wing hack dressed up as a right wing lunatic (Trump) who will champion the primary tool to implementing the nwo(vaks)-they win.  See?  They win or they win.

What is the purpose in pointing this out now?  Time is short.  The Lord made a point of emphasizing the importance of 2022 on new years day.  America has a big X over it by 2024, that is not far away.  The same chorus of voices will come out telling us all to "get out and vote for change" not remembering what happened last time they did that (coup d'etat) and like it never happened they will be telling us to do it all again.  Yea, no thanks.

Each of us has a job to do for the Kingdom, we need to focus on our job with the time that remains.  The good news is the 7 year countdown has not begun yet.  The bad news is, it likely is not far off.

grace and peace