Monday, March 20, 2023

Nazis Then and Now

 It wasn't long ago when the Hitler roamed the earth spreading nazi ideology.  Not even 100 years later the world is fighting nazis again.  The times have changed but the nazis have not.  During WW2, the nazis fought the bear (Ru****) and lost.  The nazis are once again fighting the bear and the same result appears inevitable.  As an example of how the nazis do not change in WW2 the German 6th army was getting its rear end handed to it in a place called Stalingrad.  The general of that army (Paulus) recommended to Hitler that the army pull out and regroup or retreat.  That was too much for Hitler's ego so he left the 6th army in Stalingrad to be decimated and ultimately surrender.  That brings us to today and a city named Bakhmut in Ukraine.  More or less the same thing is happening to the nazis there but due to pride/ego/arrogance they refuse to pull out.

Bakhmut was described as a meat grinder in multiple recent news articles.  The bear is sending non-stop artillery hell into that grinder each and every day while the Nazis get torn to shreds.  Instead of retreating or regouping they continue to send in fresh meat to the grinder.  The result of what is going to happen there is not in doubt by anyone in their right mind.  If we pan the camera out to the big picture in that war we see that the Nazis took the gloves off and have said both in word deed that they are all in this war with the intent of dismantling the bear into little pieces.  This threat was always taken seriously by the bear but now that words have turned into action the Nazis have committed an unforgivable sin that will never be forgotten or forgiven.  

The problems the nazis face in this current battle are dwarfed by the problem they face with China (the dragon) aligned behind the bear.  Both the bear and the dragon realize that if the nazis are successful against one, the other one will be the next target.  So in essence the west is fighting both the bear and the dragon.  Things didnt go well for the nazis in WW2 and they are not looking good for them in WW3 either.

The nazis launched what we now know as an all out worldwide blitzkrieg that started with the scamdemic and has now evolved into a hot war with the bear and dragon (by proxy at the moment.)  It appears that "they" bit off more than they can chew as "they" are at war with their own people (us) while at the same time fighting two superpowers overseas (for all intents and purposes).  This leads us to the point of laying all this ^^ groundwork.  The nazis make the same mistakes because of the same mentality that existed then exists now.  History repeats because mankind and the demonic spirits they serve are the same now as they were then.  The take away from this is what happens when the nazis start losing...

The nazi answer to losing was to burn everything down around them because if they couldnt have something they didnt want anyone else to have it either.  As an example from WW2- when Hitler was about to lose Paris, he order his general there (Dietrich von Choltitz) to burn it all down.  Thankfully that general refused to do so and Paris was saved.  History has yet to settle what the outcome of the west and specifically America will be.  We can clearly see that the country is under attack from within and the clock is ticking on the Nazis hold on power.  This brings us to the Lord's X over America:

At the time of this writing we are more or less one year away from the X.  As we consider how much damage the enemy has done to America just over the past 3 months, we can only imagine what "they" could dream up over the next 12 months especially considering how they see power slipping through their fingers.  The nazis in WW2 were not going to let anyone have it if they could not have it and we are seeing the ground work laid for a repeat except this time in America.

The good news is "they" lost then and Lord willing they will lose again.  The point has been made here time and again that no man is going to step up to the plate and stick out their neck for this country.  The pastors/priests/politicians/press and worst of all the talk show/social media only "patriots" have all sold their fellow man down the river.  This is important to recognize because the first step toward finding a solution is correctly identifying the problem.  Looking to a problem to fix your problem is a surefire way to be disappointed.  The only way America can avoid hitler's Paris "solution" is if we who pray and believe to find the Lord's favor for this country before it is too late.

We have to get on our knees and stand in agreement with each other that the enemy will not have their way with us or the country that we live in.  Yes, the enemy has made some deep inroads but a look around reveals that there are some serious thorns in the side of the globalist demonic establishment.  The bear and the dragon come to mind as does the orange skinned wonder mr T who continues to send the enemy hordes into fits and frenzies even after his presidency has ended.  The orange skinned wonder has a Divine job to do as an illumination flare and a wrecking ball.  Mr. T has done his ordained job with gusto never realizing he is working for the Most High and not himself.  That is how it usually works out for characters like that.  All things serve the Most High whether they want to or not:

Ps 199:91

Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve you.

This post is getting lengthy so time to wrap it up.  Bottom line is the nazis are getting more desperate by the day and they don't make kind decisions when they see they are on the losing end of a fight.  So, we need to do what we do and pray.  We can also fast and stay in the Word.  We can also do what this servant was told to do for the year of our Lord 2023:

1 Thessalonians 5

16Rejoice always17pray without ceasing18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

The Lord our God knew what was coming and gave us this ^^^ to prepare us for it and preserve us through it.  Let us do what we were put here to do.  Glory to God.

Grace and peace