Friday, May 19, 2023

Trump, Patton, WW2 and the Nazis


This ^^ is a picture of General George Patton, WW2 hero and arch nemesis of the Nazis.

and here ^^ we see a picture of the "bad orange man."  The Spirit of the Lord has impressed upon this servant many similarities between the two men because both were sent to fight Nazis.  Trump was sent to military school as a young man, Patton graduated from the US Army military academy.  Both men are flamboyant in their sense of style.  For example, Patton wore a ivory handled revolvers which in his time made him stand out as a dandy.  Patton was also considered a genius for war.

The impression this servant has received from the Lord is Trump is the man sent to wage war against the Nazis in our season just as Patton was sent a generation ago.  People complain about Trump as being brash and brutish, and he is because that is his job.  It is obvious that the leftist nutjobs only respect force and power so the Lord God sent them a sledgehammer as a message, not a surgical knife.

Does the bad orange man have problems?  You bet he does.  But we have to remember all of the "tools" selected by the Lord that are human have all had human problems.  It has been impressed upon this servant that it is not true that there is no human who will stand up to the psyco leftist globalist commie/nazis.  The bad orange man was sent to do this precise job.  We know that the Lord God sent the bad orange man because of the derangement syndrome that it causes in those who oppose him.

"They" have tried everything to get at this bad orange man (b.o.m) and nothing has worked so far, more evidence of his Divine appointment.  Trump is the wrecking ball needed to deal with the establishment.  Opposition to these so called "elites" who are really a group of narcissist psychopaths has been raised throughout the world.  This is the work of the Restrainer.  We who believe and are filled with the Spirit of the Lord are part of this restraint.  This servant who writes to you has many problems with the bad orange man but recently the Spirit of the Lord impressed the fact that b.o.m. is a man who probably unknowingly is doing the Lords work.

The more you study Trump/Patton the more similarities you will see.  These men are Nazi killers and we should thank the Lord God for them.  So, we should add the human wrecking ball to our prayer list.  We should pray that b.o.m. will be preserved and protected to do his wrecking ball job like a hero.  The enemy has built a system of fraud and corruption that needs a wrecking ball.  The Lord God works in mysterious ways and this is one of them.  Trump and Patton, 2024 and the Nazis then and now are all a mystery that is being revealed.

If we continue to pray we will continue to get answers.  We are here for a reason in this season.  Everything that comes to your mind that needs to be dealth with (like "woke" companies such as bud lights parent company) should be prayed over that they will experience the wrecking ball.  We can pray them out of business as they serve the enemy agenda.  Get woke, go broke!  Prayers are being answered.  Miracles are taking place daily.  The tide is turning on the enemy just as it did in WW2.  The process takes years and does involve suffering (it is war) but if we continue to pray and stand together in prayer and believe we have received what we ask for then the enemy is in deep deep trouble. Glory to God!

grace and peace