Monday, July 17, 2023

2024 X Over America


We have known for some time now that there is an X being formed in the heavens over America.  The first leg took place after Trump took office in 2017, interestingly the second leg takes place months before the next US presidential election.  

The question is why the X over America.  One does not have to look far to see the destruction the enemy has already wrought in this country, left unchecked that destructive momentum could come to a crescendo next year.  A second reason for the X is humanity is once again under attack by Nazis.  These nazis are fighting a hot war in Ukr but they are also at war with the populations of the western world through more covert means.  Who is providing funding for the nazi war in Ukr?  Is it a far stretch to assume those who support nazis are nazis?

Why do we need to establish these whole "nazi" business.  Because it relates directly to the X.  In WW2 the leader of nazi Germany, when he came to the conclusion that he could not rule Germany and its conquered territories, his decision was to burn it all to the ground.  The story of the German general who saved Paris has been cited here before.  The nazis lost WW2 and they are well on their way to losing their war against humanity today.  In Ukr, they are getting their rear ends handed to them daily.  Across the countries of the west opposition is mounting to the nazi/commi hybrid war against the population.  When the nazis are losing what do they do?  They try to burn it all down.

We still have 9 months or so to get down on our knees and pray that the nazi/commi/billionaire psycopaths will not have their way with humanity.  The X is a warning that we need to take seriously.  Some of us are praying daily on our knees asking the Lord God to have mercy on us.  We need His help because we are under attack by the armies of darkness.  Our enemies are too strong for us which means we need help from beyond ourselves.  We need Divine intervention.

We have been warned in advance so we can pray in advance.  We have been given a window of opportunity to snap out of our complacent slumber and do what we should have been doing for years now (giving the Lord our full attention).  The Lord God Almighty can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants.  We are His children.  The Spirit of our Lord has impressed this nobody who writes to you today to encourage the saints to do what we know we need to do.  That is, pray, fast, believe, get in the Word, walk with the Lord our God daily giving Him our full attention.  At this point with the inroads the enemy has made in the world the only other option to doing what we are supposed to do is being wiped out or for those who are left, enslaved by the enemy.

We get to choose but the clock is ticking.  We do not have the luxury of putting off what we should be doing today until tomorrow.  Each one of us who belongs to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven was put here for a reason.  There was no accident or oversight, we are here to do Kingdom work which starts and ends with us on our knees giving thanks and praise to the Creator God and asking Him to show mercy to us His children who are under attack by a merciless enemy.

Its time to do our job guys, lets get to work.

Glory to God

grace and peace