Sunday, August 20, 2023

Prayer Target: Medical Tyranny

 One of the items the enemy has used and still plans to use to kill, steal and destroy is medical tyranny.  The whole world has been through this once, and it was through this tyranny that "they" cemented into place the most historic voter fraud organization in American politics.

We have seen this in action twice now: 1. 2020 presidential (s)election and 2. 2022 midterms.  What they do is count votes up until they see themselves losing then the vote counting mysteriously stops repetitively for them to print enough ballots to make up the difference plus about 1% then they continue rinse and repeat until they "win."

Now they are setting the stage for another covid scamdemic in order to justify another steal.  This leads us to two must have prayer list items that we need to pray over daily:

1.  The destruction of the medical tyranny agenda, narratives and spiritual strongholds 


2.  That the Lord God will have mercy on us and put a full stop to the voter fraud, lieing, cheating, stealing in our elections so the hands of oppressive enemy agents will not rule over us.

We must be praying about all things at all times but some things like the two items listed above must be prayed up daily.  The difference between today and not so long ago is they are waking a sleeping giant.  We do not need "most people" to get down on their knees and pray altough that would be most welcome.  We need the critical few to get down on their knees and pray that Almighty God will rescue us from the narcissistic psycopath far left globalists who rule over us.

The number one thing any believer can do about anything that interests or concerns them is to pray about it.  After prayer the Spirit of the Lord will answer with what each individual needs to do.  This system works wonderfully because it shuts out the AI demonic deep state intel apparatus that is attempting to collect info from all sources at all times to generate demonic counterattacks on humanity.  Good luck trying to intercept the Spirit of the Most High God when He communicates with His people <3.

If we do what we were put here to do, the enemy cannot stop what comes next.  When the Lord God decides to act, who can stop Him?

Isa 14:27

For the LORD of hosts has purposed, and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back?

The Lord God has forced the enemy out into the open which means everything that has been revealed, we who believe can pray over it.  If we can pray over it, the Lord God can act on it and when that happens its game over...

We have prayer work to do, lets get busy.

grace and peace