Monday, December 11, 2023

Propaganda Preparation of the Battlefield

 Now we are being prepped by "them" for the WEF "prophesied" cyber event.  We need to pray for protection of our internet and communication systems, along with our power grid, food and water supplies, road and rail networks and physical infrastructure as well as everything else we need these days to live a quiet and peaceful life.

How convenient the timing of this preparation of the battlefield right?  Just in time for a presidential election, what a coincidence!  Lets get down on our knees and pray that the Lord God will show us His grace and mercy by putting the brakes on the enemies plans to false flag their way into an extension of power.  Let us pray that the Lord God will lift the boot of oppression and tyranny that has been upon us through the far left narcissistic psychopath globalists who have been waging war against humanity for years now.

The Lord God is going to have to do the heavy lifting here as this is primarily a spiritual war.  We need to do our part down on our knees in prayer, standing in agreement with each other and praying back the promises of God-to God to achieve delivery of what was promised in our time of need.

Our hope is in Christ alone.  Let us pray that our Lord will have mercy on us and deliver us from the evil that wages war on us day and night.  The Lord our God is very good.  If we pray, He will hear us and the enemy will be in for a world of hurt :)

Glory to God

grace and peace