Monday, March 25, 2024

They Fully Intend To Steal the Next (s)E-lection

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Bottom line here ^^^ is the fraud machine is even more coordinated today then they were in 2020.  We have to ask ourselves "why wouldn't they try to steal it again?"  They know for a fact that all of America's so called heros are starting their own talk shows and trying to get paid on social media rather than trying to stop America's enemies.  Again bottom line is "they" know from the previous election that nobody will lift a finger against them if they steal this one too.  The plandemic attempted geno-cide was the same thing, Americas so called "patriots" are too busy trying to get paid on youtube to do anything about the demonic world order.

So whats the answer?  Its going to take an act of God to stop them.  Thats what this cross-roads is about.  Thats what the blood moons on Purim are about.  The Lord God is letting us know its His way or the highway to hell.  So once again, we must repent, revive and stand in righteousness.  And we must stand in the gap before the Lord for the land so He does not destroy it (yet).  The Lord God is fully capable of taking care of the demonic world order machine, the question is will we do our part?  Has the Lord gotten our attention yet or is it going to take a bunch of WEF ghouls attempting geno-cide over and over to get us to wake up?

Regardless of what happens in the days ahead, the answer for us who believe is the same:  repentance, revival, righteousness and standing in the gap.  After that we can focus prayer effort on deconstructing the enemies spiritual strongholds, agendas and narratives.

Glory to God

grace and peace