Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How God's Creation Differs From Man's

God created the church, which is a living organism. Man also creates churches, which are organizations. God's creation is the living breathing body of Christ, man's creation is lifeless tradition bound institution. Man and Satan (both created beings) have the need to centralize everything to maintain control of their kingdoms because they are finite, imperfect, limited beings. The Lord on the other hand can and does operate perfectly in a decentralized environment since His Spirit is all knowing, all present, and all powerful. Take a look at the religious systems that dot our landscape like a plague of locusts and notice that every "church" is organized like any other business or fortune 500 company on the planet. Those "churches" are led organized and staffed exactly like the world. If something looks like the world, acts like the world and smells like the world, chances are, it is the world. Just because people have christian jargon flowing from their mouths does'nt mean they are anything exept jargon users. If Jesus walked into any of the multi million dollar "mega churches" we see lining the roads today and told the "senior pastor" aka CEO of that church to sell everything and give it all to the poor, Jesus might not make it quick enough out the door before they tried to throw him over a cliff just like the religious people of his day tried to do. Times change, human nature does not. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. In todays world these mega pastors are powerful men according to the world's way of reckoning things. I have a strong feeling they are in for a big suprise on the day they meet their maker face to face......"Lord, Lord did'nt we do all these things in your name?" .........."I never knew you"

These things bring me sorrow not joy, but as servants of the Most High we are called to speak the truth regardless of how unpopular the message is.

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