Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How can I "go to Church"?

When I "am" the church? The Bible says that the body of Christ is the church, and we are that body. In other words, we cannot "go to church" because we believers who are in Christ, we are the church. The church is not a building, nor is it a geographical location to be "attended". Wherever true believers are together, whether at a lunch table, or a movie theater, there the church is. Think about it, if I say that I "go" to church on Sunday, then that means I am "away" from the church for the rest of the week. This sinister idea has been perpetuated for generations now. We are the church, we don't go there. When we are with other true believers, the church is assembled. When we are alone, the church is dispersed, but we are the church whether we are alone or assembled. This is why the bible says do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together. This is a fundamental problem, and it is not trivial. There are many subtle, nefarious implications in the statement “I go to church”. To say this implies that a person is either “at church” or “away from church” either statement is incorrect, the bible says WE ARE THE CHURCH. This statement and similar statements like “which church do you attend” are an invisible iron shackle to make people feel that they are not part of the church unless they are “in attendance” -this is serious error. If churchianity can get people to believe that they are either "at" church, or "away" from church, then they can get the herded masses of human cattle to come back weekly to be "serviced" at the 9am, or 11 am , or noon etc sunday "service". If we are in Christ 24/7, then we are in his body 24/7 and we are therefore the church ALL THE TIME-24 hours a day/7 days a week. Some devious mind has perpetuated this subtle lie to shackle mankind to institutions where their pocketbooks can be fleeced with a “tithe”, their minds can be poisoned with false gospels while they are led to false christs by a religious system that causes idol worship of men, buildings, and religious systems. This is the work of the enemy.

“starting churches”? Everything and anything that man does has a definite beginning and a definite end. If a man “starts” a church, or “builds” a church, then that church will “end” because a man started/built it. Christ is eternal, therefore his body, which is the church is eternal, it has no beginning and no end. Will the true Christ’s church have an end? The answer is NO, so we must be talking about TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHURCH, and only one is THE church, man does'nt build Christ's church, He does…………..

While Jesus walked the face of this earth, he only had scathing words for one group of people-RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. That’s right, he said ‘you brood of vipers’ It should be no small wonder that today’s true believers should be just like Jesus. Do we really think that today’s society and religious systems are any better then they were when Jesus walked the earth? It’s the same now as it was then, only difference now is there are more numbers of ‘religious’ people

What need does a Christian have of books written by men to guide them in their Christian walk? None. It’s as if the bible was’nt good enough that believers need the bible AND the purpose driven life to really get their lives in order. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

Does a Christian need Jesus and the religious institutions of this world to live the life He wants us to live?? Call these institutions whatever you want, non-denominational, evangelical, whatever.

How many believers have to be together for the church to be ‘assembled’-TWO, ME PLUS YOU AND THE CHURCH IS ASSEMBLED. Can two or more believers not fellowship, encourage each other and do everything else that the Lord intended believers to do without having ‘belonging’ to some institution that looks acts and talks like the world?

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