Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Rapture-part 2

There's a big difference between the persecution, trials, and worldly tribulation that we must suffer as christians while we are in this world and God's wrath. We were certainly told that we would endure the former, but where does the Lord say that His church was appointed to suffer under His wrath? Nowhere. The time of the tribulation will be a time of the outpouring of the Lord's wrath unlike anything that has ever been seen in history or will ever be seen again, and yet there are those people who argue that the church is appointed to suffer under this wrath. Did the Lord leave Lot to suffer in Sodom when fire rained down from heaven? No. Did the Lord leave Noah to suffer the punishment of the flood in the ancient world? No. Will the Lord leave his church to suffer under such things as the vials of judgement that will be poured out on this world during the tribulation period? Based on the Lord's precedent decisions, it appears that the answer is no.

Why did the Lord mention that the days when He was coming back would be like the days of Noah? The way I read the good news, we should look at what happened in Noah's time and expect the same. Noah was taken into the shelter of the Ark while the world died around him under God's wrath, does the Bible not say we should expect the same thing in our time?

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Gone Fishin' said...

From one Dave to another-I've never met a Dave I didn't like! BUT that doesn't mean I agree with you. There are many oversights in your post. You assume that it must be pre because post doesn’t seem right. Why does it have to be one of those two options?

You also speak of the pre-trib rapture saying, “No one will know the day or hour.” How can you apply this to a pre-trib rapture when Christ just clearly told His four disciples that the abomination would come first. There is nothing in the text that suggests that He switches and begins speaking of a different coming that takes place years before.

Did you know that no real pre-trib scholar will teach what you have said? They recognize that the coming spoken of takes place after the abomination and don’t dare apply these passages to the rapture.

I agree that we will not be here for God’s wrath, and this is something that most post-tribbers mess up, but I believe you are confusing the suffering/tribulation that we are promised to experience if we follow Christ with His wrath. There’s a big difference between Christian suffering and God’s wrath on His enemies.


Concerning Rev 3:10-This is far from supporting a pre-trib rapture. I will be posting a 3 page article within the next couple of weeks on my blog concerning this difficult passage. I would be honored if you read it, and other posts, also.