Thursday, January 12, 2006

If You Are Really Courageous

Ask the Lord to allow you to see the way He sees. Ask Him to take the scales off of your eyes and see the world the way it really is instead of how we have always perceived it. I say that you should only ask for this if you really want to know the truth, because it will turn everything you think you knew upside down and you have to be ready for this. We have been lied to so much in today's day and age that the truth has really become revolutionary. The truth today is the exception and not the norm. If you really want to know the truth about this world we live in He'll give it to you. The Lord has opened my eyes gradually over time to see the layers and layers of deception that have been woven like a spider's web all around us to create what we think is reality and truth but is really all a lie. Just about everything we've been told is a lie. This world is controlled by that ancient enemy, the leviathan- the devil and this world is setup accordingly. For this reason the Lord has told us in the bible not to love this world or anything in the world. If you are brave, ask the Lord to open your eyes. I pray that you are brave. Cheers

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