Monday, December 08, 2008

Babylon and Anti-christ Rising

2009 is shaping up to be a really bad year. I just read yesterday where Mr Obama is even telling people the economy wont be getting better any time soon. History tells us that no fiat currency lasts forever. The powers that be are busy inflating the heck out of the dollar, handing all the freebies to the banker class, while everyone else gets to enjoy foreclosure, job loss and hunger. Around the world over just the past week I see reports of large scale civil unrest. A family friend was stranded in Tailand recently to due to rioting. This past weekend large scale rioting was reported in Greece over a police shooting. Things are heating up.

Other intelligence sources indicate that by next summer, the inflation chickens should be about home to roost, and all hell breaks loose. Facts are facts, print money out of thin air as fast as you can and hand it all over to the uber rich, while snubbing the common man, and bad things will happen. No special insight required to figure that out.

While the world economy is tanking, something curious is happening in Iraq: prosperity is starting to sprout little green leaves. Have you noticed that Iraq is never mentioned anymore? I mean, we hear NOTHING about it anymore. The intel I see coming out of Iraq indicates that the back of the insurgency is broken, and business is moving in. The framework of old Iraq was broken down to the foundations, and even the foundations were shattered, and now something new springs up there. America has built the largest embassy compound in the world there in Iraq, curious eh?

Foreign firms investing in Iraq

Foreign Investment in Iraq Up

The timing of what's happening in "babylon" is interesting. While the rest of the world was enjoying prosperity (up through 2007) Iraq was being leveled by the US Army. Now, the rest of the world is being leveled by economic destruction, and Iraq is beginning to prosper.

Daniel referred to the Antichrist as "the leader who will come, the little horn, the beast and the stern faced king." In Daniel 11, he also referred to the Antichrist as the king of the North. The king of the North and the land of the North is what Jeremiah called the territory of the Assyria and Babylon. The Assyrian Empire was conquered by the Babylonians in 626 B.C. Both the Assyrian capital of Asshur and the Babylonian capital of Babylon were located in present day Iraq.

In keeping with the rule that the end time will be saturated with deception, we are hearing NOTHING about babylon rising, we're too busy watching the world as we know it fall apart. A good magician uses slight of hand to keep your attention away from where the real magic is happening. It's the timing of all these things that I find interesting.

During the last economic depression, Iraq/babylon had nothing to do with anything on the world stage. During todays economic depression, Iraq has everything to do with what's going on in the world. There are people who have their heads in buried in the sand, who say today is no different from previous troubled days, and these days too shall pass, just like the old days did. These people are shortsighted. Everything is different this time. Never before did we have mark of the beast technology ready and waiting in the wings for the right time. Never before have we seen ancient babylon, being rebuilt BEFORE OUR VERY EYES.

Recently I was wondering why is it that the controlled, propaganda, also known as the lame stream media goes on and on about how bad the economy is. Remember, CNN and faux news etc spin things the way the elite WANT THEM to spin things. So, the powers that be WANT you to think things are really bad. Why? Why do the people who own the propaganda networks want you so focused on how bad the economy is? Remember the magicians rule, slight of hand, keep your eyes AWAY FROM where the real magic is happening. If the real magic is NOT the economic depression we are facing, what is it? Perhaps its BABYLON RISING, of which, we hear NOTHING. Makes all the sense in the world (from the magicians rule) that that's where the real magic is happening.....somewhere your attention is NOT focused.

Time is short. The trend line we are riding right now is not sustainable for much longer. The world situation closely resembles an aircraft that's out of control, in a nose dive. Eventually, despite all the pilot's heroic effort, the plane impacts the earth with a huge explosion. There is no evidence, nothing, from anyone, that we are anywhere close to beginning to pull out of the dive, that means impact must be soon. There's always divine intervention that could turn things around, but as far as the Lord has allowed things to progress, I doubt divine intervention is coming. It appears to me that this time around, the end time scenario plays out fully, the restrainer is removed, the tribulation begins, then our Lord comes back to rule this place with a rod of iron. One way or another, we are about to find out how this thing plays. Next year is setting up to make 2008 look like a GOOD YEAR, if that tells you anything.

The escape could happen at any minute. The next events to happen are the escape, the anti-christ showing up and WAR. That's what this world has to look forward to. The escape (luke 21:36, Rev 3:10) must be close, which means we should be READY, we should be WATCHING. Being ready means being "in Christ." You need to search your bible to determine for yourself what being "in Christ" means.

Time is short, grace and peace