Saturday, December 13, 2008

False Prophets

Last night I heard another wolf in sheep's clothing who calls himself a prophet (Kim Clement) prophesying illusions for the people. One thing to notice about false prophets is there almost complete (90+%) focus on things that somehow bless you. They talk about how things are bad for the world but things won't be bad for you. What they don't talk about it REPENTANCE. They don't point out the sin and wickedness within the church. They don't point out the spirit of Jezebel, the nicolaitanism, the error of Balaam, nope, none of that. Jesus took special care to mention those things about the end time church (Rev 2-3). The false prophets do not mention that only one of the seven Revelation churches is found worthy to be 'kept from the hour of temptation' that will come on the whole world (Rev 3:10).

Nothing has changed. People always have, and always will want God to send them good news without repentance. People want blessing without personal responsibility. Has anything really changed from the days of Isaiah the prophet?

Isaiah 30 For it is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of Jehovah;
10 that say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits,
11 get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.'

Show me a single prophet, sent by the true God, who did not preach repentance? Show me!

This world is sick, twisted, wicked, self-centered, self-absorbed, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, brutal, harsh, lovers of war rather than lovers of peace. I find it very interesting that the most vocal advocates of the war in Iraq were so called christians. Who are these people? This world is ready for the anti-christ. The anti-christ knows how to wage war, and he knows how to wave a flag and get you all teary eyed with 'patriotism' to send your sons and daughters to die for him.

Babylon is rising, read my other posts this week. If Babylon is rising, there's a strong chance that right now anti-christ is also rising. The wealth transfer from 95% of the world population into the hands of the richest 5% or so is almost complete. What will happen to all the people who have been economically raped during the days we are iwitnessing TODAY? Many will be fed into the war grinder (killed), others will die of famine and disease. Hows that for cheery?

What people need is the TRUTH, not more lies. This world is drowning in lies already. I don't care how hard the truth is to swallow, that's what we need. Would you rather someone prophesy lies to you today and get blindsided by the truth later when its too late to act on it?

How do I know whats coming on the world? I was told to WATCH by our master, the Lord Jesus Christ. A result of watching is SEEING. Once we have seen, by the Spirit within us we can come to UNDERSTAND. In addition to watching, we have the word of God, which clearly tells us whats coming.

Rev 2-3 Jesus is speaking to the churches
Rev 4 "Come up here" rapture
Rev 5 REDEEMDED men in heaven (how did they get there?)...refer back to rev 4...
Rev 6 A rider with a BOW in his hand, famine death and hell follow, 25% of the world population wiped out

Not a pretty picture is it?

The good news is that theres an escape coming for those who are found WORTHY of it. This escape is not for everyone. We need to make every effort to be found worthy. You need to figure out for yourself what this worthiness means. I would advise you to ask the Lord to give you his Spirit, for only the Spirit of truth can lead you to the truth.

I'm sure some people have said to themselves "who is this guy (me) to say these things to me?" Well, I'm a nobody, an absolute nobody, but I do strive to remain "in Christ." I also believe that I have been given the mission of keeping a spotlight on the apostasy of the church, and to watch/be ready for the escape that's coming soon. I am also an ambassador of Christ, if I am in Christ, and so is everyone else who is "in Christ." We are ambassadors for a kingdom that is not of this world, so we do not speak from the viewpoint of this world. We also do not speak for ourselves, we speak for the kingdom. This leads to an interesting observation. If only a few will make it through the 'narrow gate' (Matt 7:14) then we should only expect a FEW to be speaking words of truth on behalf of the kingdom. Whatever it is that you decide to believe, chances are, if its the truth, it will be WIDELY UNPOPULAR. That's right. When Jesus, the apostles, and all the prophets came speaking the truth, what did the religious people/the world do to them? They KILLED THEM. The truth is NOT a popular topic, which is why speaking the truth to a world up over its eyeballs in lies is such a revolutionary act.

The truth will not get you elected to public office, it will not make you popular in any other way. History has shown that the truth will get you killed, ostracized, whipped, beaten, abused, maimed, cast out, rejected etc etc. Get the point? That's where we stand. The Lord used Balaam's DONKEY to speak the truth to men before, and I consider myself less than a donkey. Don't shoot the messenger, go out and dig for the truth like its hidden treasure. YOU have to really want it to find it. My desire for the truth will only get you so far, your desire for the truth can bring you into the presence of the eternal God. Time is short, keep the faith, remain "in Christ." grace and peace