Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2009 Forecast: A REALLY BAD Year

I've been saying that everything seems to be aligning to make 2009 a really really bad year. 2009 appears to be shaping up to be a 'tribulation-like' year. In addition to all the economic problems facing the world, we have a real doozy shaping up for 2009 as well...FAMINE. Read on: The Famine Of 2009

We all know that the financial situation is dire, just wait until there's no food. Let me stop for a moment here to say, this is not a time to slip into fear. The world should be afraid, if you are "in Christ" you should not be afraid. Your Lord and master knows what you need and when you need it, not to mention, you Lord knows the timing of everything.

I'll say this, I am watching. What I see from where I stand here at the end of 2008 is all hell breaking loose in 2009. You don't have to be overly predictive to guess at something like that do you? If we see something coming that looks like tribulation, smells like tribulation, walks like tribulation, and talks like tribulation, maybe we could guess that it IS tribulation? A watchman on the wall warns those inside the city of what he sees. I'm a watchman, and I'm warning of what I see.

There's a reason "homeland security" has existed for 7 years now, to prepare to deal with whats coming in the very near future. There's a reason why 20,000 combat hardened Army troops were recently brought back and given to Northern Command-the command that deals with internal security for America. The 'powers that be' know what's coming, they are preparing for it. Our bible has told us what's coming 2,000 years in advance. The only people who should be surprised by all this are those who have their heads buried in the sand saying "this is not happening, this is not happening." Well, sorry to tell them, this IS happening. I've recently read articles hot off the press from so called christian authors who say that sexual perverts will be taken in the rapture. The claim that everyone, no matter how disobedient, no matter how faithless will get to escape in the rapture. There's a big problem I see with their argument, and that problem is summed up in one word...WORTHY. You see, Jesus told us to pray that we may be counted WORTHY of the escape that is coming. As with everything else that Jesus said, these so called christians choose to ignore the specific words Jesus used since they think that the bible is some kind of spiritual buffet where you can pick and choose which words have meaning and which don't. Unfortunately for them, Jesus meant EVERYTHING he said, every word of it. When he said "pray that you may be counted worthy" that means there's a NEED to pray SPECIFICALLY that you may be counted worthy. That command to pray that prayer also tells us that some WONT be counted worthy. Based on Matt 7:14 I think we can say MOST won't be counted worthy.

Why do I say that? Well, what does "only a few" will go through the narrow gate of Matt 7:14 mean? When you've got so called christians teaching that homosexuals and faithless, disobedient men will be "counted worthy" to escape in the rapture, you start to understand that so called christianty just does'nt "get it." Jesus told us, that's BELIEVERS to pray that we may be counted worthy of the escape....Why would he tell us to do that? What does Jesus know about the 'worthiness' factor that determines who escapes and who does'nt?

Pray that you may be counted worthy....you and I need to take those words VERY seriously. Unfortunately, many many people are going to be very very dissapointed on the day that the escape happens. Men have trusted hired hand pastors to 'intermediate' with God, when there is now only ONE intermediary between God and man, Jesus Christ. These so called 'men of god' and their 'flock' of teachers are leading the whole world off a cliff.

A weak church will be kept from the hour of temptation that's coming on the whole world (rev 3:10). Only those counted WORTHY of the escape will escape all thats about to happen (luke 21:36). Only a FEW go through the narrow gate that leads to life (Matt 7:14). I wish I could move from these same scriptures that I blog on day after day after day, but something inside me tells me that until the day I leave this earth, the same message needs to be communicated. Until people 'get it' the scriptures included here won't budge. I don't see people 'getting it' anytime soon, so don't expect the message to change.

Another thing I'll say is, I don't enjoy harping on the same things over and over again, but I have been given a mission, and I'll carry it out exactly as ordered till the very end. The Lord has his servants doing various things for him in the world during these last days. This is one of the things I do.

The apostasy of the church is fully ripe. You've got people who call themselves christians telling you that all you need to do is make a 5 second 'decision' for Jesus then you are definitely, 100% going to enter throught the narrow gate that leads to life (Matt 7:14). Statistics tell me that most of the people in the United States call themselves christians-they 'made a decision'. The bible tells me only a few will make it into the gate that leads to life. So far, nobody within so called christianity has been able to explain that one to me...like NOBODY. Why so many have 'made a decision for Jesus' yet so few are going to be saved? WHY? They'd rather not discuss this discrepancy because its bad for church 'attendance' which in turn leads to bad 'tithes and offerings.' Anything that interferes with the fleecing of the flock is off limits for discussion by todays so called christian leaders and teachers.

Anyone who supports the current paradigm, that what calls itself christianity really is christianity is the problem. That makes up the vast majority of everyone you'll meet on this earth. If Matt 7:14 teaches us that only a FEW will make it through the gate that leads to life, then can't we reasonably expect that only a FEW will be speaking words of truth to the world today? It's always a REMNANT, its always a FEW that are saved. That's important to know before you stand before the Creator of all things. Making a 5 second 'decision for Jesus' is EASY. Living for Him day in and day out, in FAITH and OBEDIENCE is not as easy. If you love me, you will obey my commands, that's what Jesus said. If you don't obey his commands, then you don't love him. Do you think people who don't love Jesus will be counted 'worthy' of the escape or ultimate salvation? If you don't OBEY you don't LOVE him, and if you don't LOVE him, I think you have some big problems ahead of you.

Don't take my word for any of this, YOU need to read your bible and figure things out for yourself. The bible tells you that the Spirit will lead you into all truth. Time is short, very short. 2009 starts in 22 days. What's on the menu for 2009? Economic collapse, famine, riots, death, war. Gosh, I seem to remember something that reads like that in Revelation 6...hmmm. Rev 6 occurs right after the escape.

The removal of the restrainer and what's left of the church is what causes this world to plunge into darkness. Remove the light and you get instant darkness. Luke 21:36 tells us that we should pray to be counted worthy of the escape from ALL thats about to happen. If you are 'in Christ' or you are going to be 'in Christ' then I pray for you, for my family and for myself. I do NOT take for granted anything. If Jesus told us to pray that we may be counted worthy of the escape then there's a GOOD REASON for it, believe that.

grace and peace