Saturday, April 04, 2009


So what exactly is a "pastor" anyway? I can't find a single mention of a "pastor" in my entire bible, yet they are on every corner of every street in America. The reason I can't find "pastors" in my bible is because I'm reading a LITERAL translation of what our God said to us. Not some man glorifying nonsense that started in earnest with the KJV bible.

Although I cannot find a single pastor in my entire bible I do see shepherds....

Eph 4:11 and He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as proclaimers of good news, and some as shepherds and teachers,

Why is it that men have chosen to be called by the coventions of this world and not the word of God? You know the difference between a "pastor" and a priest? Two the a, and o for an i and e and whammo, you've got the same word. They are identical, but in my bible it says we are all priests of the most high God, so again, who are these "pastors" I see everywhere in the world and nowhere in my bible?

I see shepherds and no pastors. What does a shepherd do? 2 primary functions, protect the sheep from wolves and guide them to pasture where THEY CAN FEED THEMSELVES. Does a shepherd feed his sheep? NO he does not, he leads them to pastures where they can feed themselves. Does the shepherd rip grass up and feed it to the sheeps mouth? You following this? What happens when the shepherds who are supposed to protect the sheep from wolves, are themselves wolves? What happens when the shepherds never lead the sheep to where they can feed themselves so they can keep the sheep dependant on some fraudulent spiritual food stamp kind of "food" that makes the sheep dependant on the shepherd to eat?

In the bible we see shepherds, in the world we see priests and pastors. Once again, men have decided that they know better than God how things should be setup in the kingdom and the world is now falling down around their heads.

1 Peter 4:17
... For the time has come for judgement to begin, and to begin at the house of God;and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who reject God's Good

We can see with our own eyes that judgement is coming swiftly for this world, and we know for a fact that before the world is judged, we the church get it first. With the worlds judgement already at the door that means the church is being judged today. From top to bottom, so called christianity is corrupt. Todays "pastors" have not taken their charter from the word of God, they have taken on thier titles and positions within their idolatrous system from the traditions of men, passed down from generation to generation with nobody stopping to ask why?

What happens when men decide to do things their own way instead of our God's way? Trouble...
Churches and "pastors" on every corner yet the world is going to hell in a handbasket and nobody stops to ask why? Where is the salt, where is the light? Where are the servants who have searched the word of God instead of the traditions of men for their answers? The pastoral system is idolatrous, as is everything else about this babylonian religious system setup by men. Don't take my word for any of this, use your own eyes. We have come to the same place, with history repeating itself over and over again, men choosing their own ways, and a handful of faithful people, a small number, a few, a remnant holds on for dear life to the pure unadulterated word of God. A remnant is what gets saved. The masses choose to believe in the lies that their fathers handed down to them, they choose the broads paths that have many on it. They believe in comfort from numbers, as if the masses of humanity around them on the broad path can save them from whats coming.

The narrow path that leads to life has FEW on it (matt 7:14), so if you find yourself today standing on a path that has many on it, you might want to rethink everything. I believe the message that the Lord has given me for years now is a condemnation on this manmade system masquerading as the truth. From the very beginning the Lord put Matt 7:14 and MAtt 7:21 along with everywhere else we see the remnant and the few being saved in the front of my mind. Why? Because judgement starts with the house of God...

Time is short, keep the faith.