Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Update

A couple things to mention here:

1. I listened to an interview with the doctor who is tracking the swine flu on google maps, and what he said was the reason we haven't seen the death rates in the US we've already seen in Mexico is because we are trailing their experience in time. So I guess whatever we are seeing in Mexico now, is what we should expect to see in the US soon. This doctor also said the WHO changed their rating scheme a few months ago with the effect being that if they were using their original rating scale, with yesterday's upgrade to level 5, it basically means we are at level 6-full pandemic.

2. When I was watching this interview, the doc said something like "humans infected by swine" and as soon as he said that something within me, then I had the mental picture of this:

Matt 8:31 So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.

Jesus sent the legion of devils out of a man, and into a herd of we are seeing something evil from swine come back into men. It's just an observation, a thought. What do I make of it? Read the earlier posting from today. Back to basics. Belief and faith will be shown for what they are. The word of God will be vindicated. Those who believe...and I mean really believe what is written will do well. Those who "play church" will likely suffer.

It has been said here before, we don't have to wait long to see for ourselves how the events of our day pan out in real time. The warnings have been too many to count.

When death is stalking the world, when it comes to our neighborhoods, nobody is going to be laughing. I have asked the Lord many times now to set me straight, to show me in his word how I have missed his message, how his word really doesn't say what I think it says.

The warnings in the word of God are real. Righteousness was imputed to those people in the bible who believed what God said. If he said few will be saved, few will be saved, if he said there is an escape from all, there is an escape from all, if he said judgement starts with the church, then judgement does start with the church.

I would not wish hell on my worst enemy. I would not deny heaven to anyone, and thankfully the judge of who goes where for eternity is not me. With the spread of this modern day angel of death, it is more urgent than ever for people to find the truth about everything that really matters. Heaven and hell matter and they will matter for ever and ever and ever.

My wife tells me that I come across the wrong way many times when I say things and for that I am sorry. For everyone I have ever offended, I am sorry. The Lord has given me some specific things to do, and I'm trying in my flawed way to do them. There's a reason I say that I am the very least of the servants of the Most High, I'm not joking or exercising some kind of false humility when I say that. The race is not over until its over. May the Lord give us the wisdom and strength to both know and do his will today and in the days to come.

Whatever happens in the days ahead, do not fear. You and I will stand or fall based on the faith we have. If we do not stand in our faith, we will not stand at all...

grace and peace