Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miracle Economy

It seems that nobody can explain these days why the economy is still going. To add to that, nobody has an idea of what's going to happen tomorrow let alone a week-year from now. The reason nobody seems to know what's going on right now is because our God is the one who has everything on life support.

People in the know, know how many times we've come minutes from economic, then societal collapse, but its been averted time and time again. Why? It's not time quite yet. At this point, I really have no idea how long the Lord plans to drag days like today out. These are the pre-flood days, and our God determines when the flood arrives. It's an act of both patience and mercy.

The Lord can show up tonight, no doubt about it, but he could wait, and if he does, we need to make the most of the time. Next month has large "be watching and ready" signs hung all over it. Whether Jesus shows up or not next month is irrelevant, what is relevant is what he finds us doing on the day he shows up. I believe the Lord has deposited something new in my spirit, another task, and with that task he has given me the faith to pray for it to show up here on earth. If he has deposited this new thing for me to do along with the faith to believe it will happen, what does that mean? I don't know.

I have prayed to the Lord on different occasions that I may be able to "finish the race strong." I pray that I will not crawl across the finish line, but sprint across it. Perhaps now is the time to pick up the pace and do whatever needs to be done to finish strong.

The world is hanging on by a thread. The interesting thing is (we see proof of this each day), the Lord can make this go on idefinitely. It's like a man who jumped off a cliff but hangs in mid-air for days instead of falling down to his death. That's where we are, suspended in mid-air until the Lord restores gravity.

If you've ever wanted to do something for the Lord, start praying it into reality everyday. If you love the people in your life, pray for them, all of them. The Lord may come back sometime really soon, it will never be probable but every day it will be possible. Be ready.

grace and peace