Monday, April 20, 2009

If Therefore Thou Shalt Not Watch

The Lord dropped this one straight into my head this afternoon with some commentary:

Rev 3: 3 Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

Who is he talking to here? The Church.

What's he talking about? Watching

Watching for what? His arrival, his coming

This is very specific and timely. We know there are people within the church today who specifically refuse to watch for his coming today because their doctrine says he can't show up until sometime mid-trib,post-trib, pre-wrath.

What does the Lord say about these people, these who "will not watch?" He will come like a thief to them. Why? They WERE'NT WATCHING. The only time a thief would surprise someone is if he came when they were not watching, correct?

Contrast the groups for yourself:

Which group is watching for the Lord's return today and everyday till he reveals himself? Pre-trib, pre-flood, pre-fire and brimstone (Noah and Lot), Escape from all believers.

Who specifically in the church is not watching for the Lord's return today and will argue with anyone and everyone who claims he can return today? mid-trib,pre-wrath, post-trib teachers, and those who think there is no escape at all.

The church has been warned in very plain language. Jesus will come like a thief to those who are caught not watching when he shows up. The only group I know of who will not possibly be affected by the sudden and unexpected return of the Lord "like a thief" are those who believe the word of God literally, those who heed to warning to be ready every day for Jesus Christ.

This is an open and shut case folks. It's as easy as pinning down someone with the question on the escape.

If you are mid-trib,pre-wrath, post-trib and not praying to escape all, why not? Does'nt the word of God tell you to? If you are praying to escape all, why? Your doctrine nullifies the word of God relating to the escape..

If you are mid-trib,pre-wrath,post-trib, are you watching today for the arrival of the Lord? (NO) Does'nt the word tell us that those caught by surprise (like a thief) are those who are not watching when he shows up?

How can those that are looking for the Lord's return everyday be caught on the wrong side of "watching?" They can't, they are continually watching for the return of the Lord.

How can the mid-trib,pre-wrath,post-trib teacher be caught "like a thief," unprepared, not watching for the Lord's return? Easy, Jesus could show up today.

The message is clear. The church has been warned. The people who teach doctrines that conflict with the straightforward reading of God's word will pay a price for it. If that price means missing the escape and entering the tribulation, oh my...

grace and peace