Sunday, December 04, 2011

ELE-nin The Warning

I was thinking about the state of affairs the other night and I wanted to share with you the fruit of this thinking. We all know that ELE-nin was not itself the cause of any doom to this world. Many people believed that ELE-nin was a word that stood for some kind of Extinction Level Event and this writer took that thought of possible extinction level event seriously, but why?

We know whats coming. The book of revelation tells us that extinction level events are on the way. That is biblical fact. So when we see something coming that supports what we already know for sure is going to happen, we should take it seriously. As it was, ELE-nin was a warning and nothing else. Did we really need another warning when we have all the warnings written across the pages of the bible? Yes. The work the Lord has called this brother to do is to encourage and warn people, I guess like a watchman would do. The Lord has made what is coming to this world as written in the pages of the bible 100% rock solid certain to this brothers mind heart and spirit.

With the certainty this brother has, he can warn and encourage with confidence. There is an escape coming just like there was in Noah's day, the Word says it, this brother is certain of it. All of the end time events as written by the prophets and in the book of revelation are rock solid certain to come to this world at some point in our future.

So what? We know extinction level events are coming, but we dont know when. This leads me to what this brother is still watching, that is something coming toward the earth causing all the many effects we see with our eyes (dead animals everywhere, huge earthquakes, volcanoes, norway spiral, huge power outages etc etc), but many people have not connected together yet. What makes the most sense is some kind of destroyer is approaching through which our Lord will destroy much of the creation. The Lord judges the creation through the creation. As an example, the Lord told us the coming of the Son of man will be just like it was in the days of Noah. How did the Lord destroy life on earth in Noah's day? Through the creation (the flood).

This writer is eyeing the end of this month into January-March to determine if a certain hypothesis is correct-that is that a destroyer is approaching. If we see another string of earth shaking events like we did last year in South America, New Zealand and Japan during the months of Jan-March then I think we have some objective evidence that this thing is coming and it is real. This hypothesis is based on 1. looking in the direction the Lord told us to (look up!) and based on that looking 2. pattern recognition.

If we do get the same kinds of events over the next days weeks and months, then we will know with some some objectivity that the destroyer is inbound. If we know this, what will this mean for our walk with the Lord? It all comes back to that. All things in the creation must point back to the Creator for their resolution. What about the Lord Jesus? What about the Son of God? These are questions that should arise in almost every decision we make and in every event in our lives.

If a destroyer is approaching that means our game must be stepped up. We must be living as though there were no time left. These are things we should be doing anyway, with or without a destroyer-right? We must be living as if each day here was to be our last, and each day could be our last. Nobody guaranteed any of us another day on earth. We could die out today, we could rapture out today. Are we ready?

We must be ready to stay here for an indefinite period of time with great patience and we must be ready to leave today. That's whats written in the bible. The wise virgins we patiently prepared. The faithful servants were about their Lords business and ready to settle accounts with Him when He came back unexpectantly (Matt 25)-so must we be ready. We must be ready today and everyday during this wicked time full of scoffers and ridicule.

Keep the faith, be watching and ready. grace and peace