Tuesday, July 01, 2014

2014: Blood Moon Number 1

It is said that blood moons are a bad sign for Israel.  A historical correlation between these lunar tetrads and the Jews are proof enough that when the tetrads show up Israel should be looking over its shoulder.  So what?  That is old news right?  Here is the new news right in front of our faces:

1st blood moon of the tetrad occurred in mid-April this year.  45 days later the first news stories began appearing about ISIS in the middle east.  Just recently ISIS claimed that they have established a caliphate and intend to conquer the entire middle east.  ISIS is a group of highly trained, well funded and well armed radicals.  They have been capturing U.S. equipment to include Bradley fighting vehicles and Blackhawk helicopters.

Those who watched the first blood moon pass with a yawn have not been watching close enough. Only time will tell how ISIS will develop in the middle east but it almost surely spells the involvement of the sword and Israel.

Here is one example from history that correlates with the passing of these blood moons:

1 blood moon as passed, 3 are yet to come.  If each blood moon ends in the appearance of groups like ISIS the world should shudder....

grace and peace