Sunday, November 25, 2018


The confirmations continue to stack up.  Here is another video with a solar physicist whose model shows possible food shortages 2028-2032.

You can see the slide at the 44:00 mark.  As Dr. Zharkova says in the video, the idea of man made global warming has become more of a religion than a science.  What she presents here is repeatable scientific calculations derived only from the sun (so terrestrial CO2 regardless of the source is irrelevant to the solar based forecast.)

What is more important is that governments should be storing food, starting now for this certainty of a solar minimum both for the population but also for animals.  That is not happening, instead a fraud is perpetuated on all of us with predictable results when 2028-2032 arrives.

Trump is a global warming sceptic but are any efforts being made (like Joseph in Egypt during the 7 years of plenty)?  No.  Even if he wanted to, now that the Democrats have the house no budget could be approved that included preparation for global cooling as they all believe the religion of global warming.

That leaves us, are there things we can do to prepare?  Yes.  We know that the Lord could come back for us at any moment and we should be prepared for that.  We also know the Lord can delay as long as He wants, we must prepare for that as well.

This writer has asked the Lord a number of times "should we stock up on food etc."  It was not until this post was being written that the Spirit of the Lord nudged this writer with the impression=that question has now been answered.

grace and peace