Saturday, May 02, 2020

The Plan To Enslave Humanity

When this servant saw the planning document the servants of our spiritual enemy have developed it was a sobering moment.  These people have been working on their plan to enslave us for years.  Yes, it was a sobering moment until the Lord added His counsel to what is happening.  The Lord said "yes they have been working on their plan for decades but my plan has been published for humanity for millennia."  That brightened up things considerably.  Then He added that the enemy's plan goes down a seemingly endless rabbit hole of game theory with all of man's actions and reactions but with a stunningly glaring omission.  Nowhere in their master plan do they account for the Lord's participation in this end time drama.  Oops!

Their fatal mistake is to assume they are only acting against man and not God Almighty.  This is the same mistake they make time and again as they plot against Trump.  "They" have thrown their entire arsenal and the kitchen sink at Trump and every time their plans blow back in their face.  They never stop to question why?  It took Divine power to put Trump in office, it was certainly a modern day miracle.  So they war not just against Trump but against Him who put Trump in office.  This explains why all their dirty tricks have fallen flat on their face.

What people fail to realize is this is a spiritual war, not a social, economic or political war.  Spiritual wars are won and lost with spiritual weapons which is why our prayers are so critical.  'They' can plan and scheme using all their spiritual 'advisors', AI, supercomputers, data collection from every scrap of the digital world and still fail :-). Vexing indeed which explains the vein popping hatred for Trump and all who support him.

We do not know the exact days and hours in which the Lord is going to act in this war but we do know that every prayer we offer up to our Heavenly Father is having an adverse effect on what the enemy is trying to do to us.  While we are on this earth we must do our job as salt and light.  We must fight the rot, decay and darkness for every inch of spiritual ground on the battlefield.  Do not give the enemy a single inch without a fight for it.  This war is for all the marbles and we must fight it accordingly.  Pray without ceasing, seek the Lord's face.  Ask, seek, knock knowing that everyone of us who asks will receive, those of us who seek will find and to us who knock the door will be opened.

Matt 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

'They' did us a big favor with this takedown attempt.  They sent us a message that the gloves have come off and they are employing every tool in their arsenal to kill, steal and destroy everything they can.  To this we should respond with "roger, understood, responding."  If we will pray, repent where needed and seek the Lord's face the enemy does not stand a chance.  Has anyone considered this may be one of the reasons the Church will be removed from the face of the earth during the coming time of trial?  With the Church removed the enemy will be able to run roughshod over the population of the earth unhindered with few exceptions.

We are still here.  We are part of the Restrainer who continues to restrain until He is taken out of the way.  Let us do our job with vigor.  Glory to God.

grace and peace