Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bill Gates And Globalists Ready to Release Second Wave of Pandemic

Video here says it all.  While Gates and his wife smirk, Gates says what they are going to release next will get the attention it deserves.  Right, because destroying lives across the globe with the first wave of the fakedemic was not enough.  They are not okay with reopening or life back to normal they want complete and utter destruction.  They want their new world order and they want it now.  Thats why they hate Trump, he is standing in the way of their globalist nirvana.

That is the bad news.  The globalists devised a seemingly perfect plan to release bioweapons into the population whenever they want.  What makes this plan almost perfect is the fact that it is nigh impossible to prove who released it.  The other prong of their attack is the atheist/communist antifa assault.  Both are happening at the same time.  As of today this two pronged attack seems unstoppable.  Our politicians for the most part are cowering before the mob and a virus or bioweapon is not easy to stop (if it is real). 

So the million dollar question is, does the enemy and his servants (the globalists) get to run roughshod over the population from now on?  Is this is?  Good news, the answer is no.  How do we know this?  Trump was put in the White House for the very reason to not allow the globalists to implement their plans immediately.  Had Hillary won that would have been it, game over but she did not win.  Trump in the White House is a major problem for these people which is why they have unleashed every weapon in their arsenal to get him out.  They do not realize that they are not just at war with a man, they are also at war with God Almighty.  The same God who enabled Trump to be elected can also keep Trump elected.  Regardless of who 'perfect' their evil plans are, they will all fall flat on their face when employed against the will of an all knowing and all powerful God.

The fact that you see Trumps face in the White House is proof positive there is a God in heaven who is alive and working out His will every day.  It took a miracle to defeat hillary with all the vote rigging and other dirty tricks employed to get her elected.  This should encourage us to pray without ceasing that the Lord our God will do more to vex, hinder, expose, destroy all the plans of the enemy.  Everything that bothers you should be lifted up to the Lord in prayer.  We must pray about everything, all the time.  Pray without ceasing.  Our spiritual enemies are working tirelessly to destroy us.  We must work tirelessly to destroy their plans through prayer.  Only a fool would say praying is "doing nothing."  Our prayers can and will move mountains.  Do you want the antifa thugs off our streets?  Pray about it.  Are you tired of being forces to wear masks for a scamdemic imposed to destroy you?  Pray about it.  Tire of the fraud, greed, deceit, lies etc coming out of our politicians?  Pray about it.  You get the idea.  Pray and never stop.  This is how we wage war.  Let Soros and Gates employ all the dirty tricks they want, it wont matter.  They are just men.  When we pray, power that is not of or from men is manifested on earth and what is seemingly impossible becomes possible.

The message today is to lift up our chins, keep our eyes on heaven and our Savior and pray without ceasing.  The mountains we move with our prayers are real.  Gates can smirk all he wants today but when our prayers begin to be answered he wont be smirking for long....keep the faith.  Pray without ceasing.  Glory to God.

grace and peace