Wednesday, July 28, 2021

America is in Real Trouble

 If the Lord does not step in soon America and the rest of this world is finished.  If you havent noticed already over the past two weeks there has been a full court press to "get needles in every arm."  These people who are sending this message intend only evil, not good.  They have been planning this scheme and the narratives to roll out along the way for over 50 years.  Around the time America was kicking the Lord out of public schools, this plan took root.  Funny how things work out.

In any case the plan is to vaccinate non-stop.  There will be no end to the "variants."  Now we are on Delta but rest assured they will keep on coming.  What they want is 1. population reduction and 2. vaccine passports or the equivalent that resembles China's social credit score system.  From there they can implement the  mark of the beast almost overnight.

So much for the "patriots" and "pastors" and the judicial system the the politicians that were supposed to represent us.  They have all rolled over and are allowing this to happen without a whimper.  The French, Italians, English are all protesting by the tens of thousands but you could hear a pin drop in America as the same level of tyranny descends on the country.  How sad.

Here we are on the edge of a Soviet style coup to our way of life and Americans "voted" us all the way here, how did that work out?  Are the "pastors" going to tell everyone to "get out and vote" again after Trump left office last time with a whimper leaving America to fall into the hands of our mortal enemies?  Needless to say everything we have been told especially by our so called spiritual leaders has been a lie and deception.  

So what now?  This is spiritual war.  The enemy has his foot on our neck and is ready to deliver the coup de grace.  How did we get here?  America's sin got us here.  This world has a sin problem and the book of Revelation lays out how that is remedied.  It is not a pleasant read.  So the people of this world are now being enslaved to the virus and the control system they are rolling in behind it.  Sin always leads to slavery and death, that is just how it works.  This servants question to the Lord is, what about the Church?  Not the backslidden compromised Church but the one that still loves Him and is faithful.  The remnant, what about them?  Does the remnant share in the slavery and death of the wicked?  We need a red sea moment because our backs are up against an immovable object that offers no escape while Pharaoh's army bears down on us at full speed.

Can the Lord perform a last minute save again like He did for Israel at the red sea?  Sure He can.  All things are possible for him who believes.  What about this poison they are so desperate to inject into every single human on the planet?  Daniel survived the lion's den.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived the fiery furnace.  We each need to go to the Lord in prayer about what to do with this poison they are forcing on the world.  It is going to take a miracle for us to survive what they have planned for us.

As dark as things look, this brother believes in miracles.  It doesnt matter how dark the world gets greater is He who lives in us than him who lives in the world.  Never will He leave us or forsake us.  As long as we can pray and believe there is hope regardless of what the enemy throws at us.  What about the coming of the Lord?  Nothing has changed.  This is why the rapture debate is more or less pointless and simple obedience to the commands found in the Bible always win the day.  He told us to be always watching and praying for His unexpected arrival.  If we do that there is literally no way to screw it up.  How can you miss His unexpected or expected return if you are looking for Him every day?  Its a no brainer.  If the tribulation started, nothing changes we watch for Him.  If it hasn't started same story.

The days we live in are very dark and growing darker by the day.  We need to continue to fast and pray.  We must seek His face and His counsel for living day by day.  You and I need individual guidance from our General to carry out our orders in a way that pleases Him and fulfills the mission He has for us.  

As bad as things look its not too late.  The Lord told us thousands of years ago what the answer is:

2 Chron 7:14

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Prayer still moves mountains.  If we will get down on our knees and cry out to heaven for deliverance the Lord our God who can deliver us from every evil will hear from heaven and perhaps He will put a stop to the genocide that is in progress.  The enemy has put his foot down on the gas over the past few weeks to quickly finish what he started.  That means if the Lord does not intervene on our behalf America and the western world will be decimated.

We are in a Red Sea moment.  Our backs are up against a wall with the enemy conducting a full scale frontal attack intent on wiping us all from the face of the earth.  No, this is not hyperbole-its a fact.  By the time the truth of what is happening becomes apparent to most it will already be too late to do anything about it.  Today it is not too late.  Please get down on your knees and pray that our Father in heaven will deliver us from the evil one.  It is not our Lord's will that any should perish:

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

This world is not ready to meet its maker.  We must pray for His mercy for ourselves, our families, all the brothers and sisters in Christ and on those who will hear and repent but have not done so yet.  Prayer works.  Miracle working power is at the other end of our prayers waiting to be released through our faith in who our God is and His promises.  The enemy is trying to kill us, and he has put his foot down on the gas pedal to get it done quickly.  If that is not motivation enough for us to do what we need to do then we are in real trouble.  The world is sleep walking into the trap that has been prepared for us by the enemy, but we are not asleep.  We are wide awake and taking action through prayer, faith and belief that our prayers will be answered.

It is our prayers and faith that worries the enemy, everything else he laughs at.  So let us pray like our lives depend on it because they do.  

"Lord God Almighty please hear our prayers in our time of need.  Only You can save us from the pit the enemy has dug for us.  May the sword they have drawn to slay us pierce their own hearts.  May they fall into the pit they dug for us.  Do not leave us in the hands of the enemy but show us your kindness and mercy for we look to you for deliverance in this life and the next.  Thank you for what you are about to do for us.  All glory and honor and power be yours Lord God Almighty forever and ever.  We praise your holy Name.  In Jesus name we pray-AMEN"