Thursday, November 02, 2023

Isr False Flag

 This writer has now seen it confirmed from multiple sources that attack helicopter pilots were either told to stand down or given no orders for 5,6,7 hours while Ham%% was busy killing innocents.  The most heavily surveilled piece of real estate in the world is the gaza str##.  Average response time for an Isr###  attack copter is 5 min during any other day of the year but on that day is was more than 5,6,7 hours....  If we didnt know anything else about what happened in October but these things we know enough to know the fix was in on the Isr### side to allow what happened to happen.

This was a fals# Fla# among many that "they" have already done and or plan on for the future.  This one, if left unchecked could start WW three.  Politicians, they are all in this plot/plan against humanity together and no, there is no one special country's politicians that are "good" or more special than the rest, they are all rotten...

We need to pray.  We need to pray for peace while "they" agitate for war.  The priests and pastors who are preaching spiritual pablum while the world is about to turn upside down are just as guilty as the criminals who are committing the atrocities because of all the people who will not be down on their knees pleading with the Lord God for mercy due to the spiritual hireling's (pastor/priest) complacency while the world is burning down around us.  Their business as usual "sermons" are the reason the enemy has brought the world to the brink of destruction in the first place.  No sense of urgency, no call to emergency prayer and intercession just business as usual garbage coming out of the pulpits.

We need everyone and anyone who has an ounce of faith within them down on their knees pleading with the Lord God for mercy.  The globalist satanic far left narcissistic psychopaths are trying to finish what they started with the scamdemic before orange man bad can take a swipe at them next year.  Lord God help us.  Lord God have mercy on us.  Lord God please save us from the oppression of the wicked who are intent on our destruction.

Glory to God

grace and peace