Friday, February 05, 2010


Rev 3:10'Because thou didst keep the word of my endurance, I also will keep thee from the hour of the trial that is about to come upon all the world, to try those dwelling upon the earth.

There is an insistence within me to stand firm on what the bible clearly teaches, there will be a pre-tribulation rapture/escape from all event where those found worthy will be just like Noah and Lot who escaped all of the flood and all of the fire and brimstone in their time.

In Rev 3:10 above we see that the Lord commends those servants who "keep the word of my endurance." Did you ever stop to think of what he means? He's talking about being surrounded by naysayers and critics and yet holding onto his word in spite of it all. Holding on is the key. I am amazed to see what a growing fad it is for christians to abandon the plain reading of scripture when it comes to a topic as important as the rapture. We are told clearly that there will be an escape from all and yet thousands upon thousands of people who call themselves christians attack this idea. It's as if Jesus did not say anything about an escape from all but we know that he clearly did. We also have the clear encouragement of the stories of Noah and Lot. People can argue and twist all they want to but the clear teaching of the bible in the cases of both Noah and Lot is, the righteous were spared from all of the wrath/judgement that the wicked received.

Being spared from wrath is a promise repeated over and over again in the bible, but the bible twisters would have us believe that we will experience our God's wrath. I can't think of a more unbiblical concept. These people take God's wrath and tell us its "satan's wrath" for example (another satanic/unbiblical idea) to twist the plain meaning we read in the bible.

I find myself on fire again within about this topic. For quite awhile I did not, but the fire is re-kindled within me. Many people may not be sure about what's going to happen, but they really really need to settle the matter for themselves. I am 100% absolutely positive, that we will see a pre-tribulation rapture of the few who are found worthy in this world. How can I guarantee such a thing? The bible clearly teaches it and I have an inner witness now on this subject that is just short of breathtaking.

Satan wants to get his hands on everyone during the 7 years of hell coming to this earth, that's no surprise. What is a surprise is that so many people calling themselves "christians" are helping him through twisting the plain meaning of scripture to shipwreck the faith of many. That makes me angry, its theft. As you believe, so you receive and if people can be convinced by other people to give up hope and faith in one of the greatest promises made by God to us in the bible, well, that would be tragic.

I believe its time again to watch and warn people. The people who don't want to hear any of this will argue till blue in the face with their same old tired arguments that hold no water. Debating and arguing with these people is useless. I have tested all of their arguments and found them to be wanting. They twist and turn the word of God to fit their own agenda and doctrine but they cannot hide true meaning. This is reinforced by the idea that taking the bible at face value is the only way to read it. "Spiritualizing" the words in the bible is a satanic tool used to make the bible say whatever a person wants it to say.

In the end, we will see who is found wise (virgins) and who is found foolish (virgins ala Matt 25). It takes no faith at all to figure out that the bible meant what it said it meant after an event takes place. So will it be with the escape from all/noah/lot experience coming to this world. After it happens, the foolish virgins will come knocking on the Lord's door and we know what they will be told. Again, don't shoot the messenger, I'm not judging anyone, the Word of God also known as Jesus himself judges men. The events of history will prove this out.

I have read severe attacks by people who say "how dare you judge anyone" when it comes to salvation by telling people that only a few will be saved! Wait a minute, I never said that a only a few will be saved...Jesus did, so the problem is with God has written not me "judging" somebody. We are to remind each other of what has been written and clearly many people cannot handle that. They can only handle the cherry picked portions of scripture that fit their own private pet doctrines and anyone who challenges those doctrines is personally attacked. People attack the messenger personally because they have no biblical ground to stand on to attack the message. Few will be saved, I wish it were not true but that is clearly what the bible Matt 7:13-28. Attack that, not me.

Today is a day of warning and watching. Warning people is not judging them. Warning people is an act of grace, not judgement but how few have the eyes to see or ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches today.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, grace and peace