Monday, November 28, 2011

2012 Guesstimate

2011 started with a bang and so far, looks like it will end with a whimper. If you remember the first quarter of this year, the earth was rocked. Between South America, New Zealand and Japan we had enough doom to think the end was indeed near. We saw quakes that ranged from the high 7s up through a 9 in Japan.

My understanding is that this thing, call it Nibiru or whatever you want is now behind the sun. The sun is shielding us from its influence at the moment. Starting late December 2011 into January 2012 I anticipate that once again we will see a repeat of the disasters of the early months of 2011 as we move around in our orbit of the sun, losing its protection and are again exposed to the influence of Nibiru. This time whatever may happen to the earth should be amplified because this space object is one year closer to us. Remember, this is just a guesstimate, a hypothesis not a prediction or a prophesy. This guesstimate is a by-product of this brother's watching.

What does this have to do with Christianity you ask? Well, if, and its just an if this world takes it on the chin again the way we did during the first months of this year. Many more people will perish. Yea, and? There is no guarantee that South America, New Zealand and Japan get the brunt of it again. Yea, and? This time the death and destruction could be at our doorstep. And? And if we are not right with the Lord now, we might be in trouble.

There are two ways we can stand before the Lord in short order. We can die out of this world or we can rapture/escape out. The Lord has not given me any clues other than the ones we all can see that the escape from all is near. If my guesstimate is correct, and starting around late Dec/Jan we start getting rocked again it is my prayer and hope that you who have ears to hear are ready along with me for whatever happens.

Again, I have received no word from the Lord on any of this. If I have received something from Him, it would be that internal resonance that says keep watching and be ready. It is possible that this writer is a watchman. The Lord never told me that I was, and I refuse to put labels on myself that the Lord has not given me directly. If this writer is a watchman then his duty is to warn the people. Here's this writer warning the people...I along with you have been warned now that in short order we may be in for more world rocking events. Perhaps nothing will happen next year. If thats the case then bless the Lord for another year of forbearance from His wrath and judgement that are surely coming. If 2012 is quiet, at a minimum we can say we were watching and ready, our minimum service in obedience to the commands the Lord has given us.

The Lord told us the end would come like childbirth (1 Thess 5:3). We are seeing events like earthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity. If there is an object like Nibiru approaching us close and closer every day, wouldn't it make sense that it would fit perfectly with what the Lord told us would happen? As it gets closer, earthquakes and such get more frequent and more violent. Again, "what" causes the promises in the bible to be fulfilled does not matter. The Lord told us whats going to happen and we can bank on it.

If we get a hint of a warning to be ready before disaster strikes, I consider this a blessing and thank the Lord for it.

keep the faith, grace and peace