Saturday, November 05, 2011

ELE-nin Again?

So, the comet did nothing but we all know the name ELENIN at this point. The comet is gone but the name lives on. What's in this name? Extinction level event? Maybe. A straightforward reading of the name seems to also point to ELEven NINe or November 9th. Whats going on 11/9? An asteroid is inbound (2005 YU55) between the earth and the moon.

Why mention this? Because we were told to "look up" when all the things Jesus told would happen begin to happen. Look up means we are staring at the skies. We expect our Lord to descend to the clouds and call us up. We dont know when this will happen but we know that we should be looking up right now. Do I expect the rapture on 11/9? I expect the rapture every day....We were told to be like servants waiting for their master to return from a long journey. We were told to be watching and ready-every day.....

Who knows what if anything will happen this next week. The highest likelihood is that nothing whatsoever out of the ordinary will take place. In spite of the high likelihood that nothing out of the ordinary will happen, we must be ready for the possibilities of our day. What is highly improbable is absolutely possible.

Our job is to be watching and ready. This believer takes at face value the Lord's command to "look up" both literally and figuratively. There will be some serious signs in the sky tied to the time of Jacob's trouble. Things are absolutely not right with the earth. Nibiru or planet x or whatever you want to call it is inbound. The scoffers can scoff all they want. We may not get the name right of the "what" causing all these planetary changes but we can certainly see the changes themselves.

If someone were to blindfold you and punch you in the face knocking all your teeth out, how ignorant would it be of someone to say "you didnt get punched in the face because you cant identify who punched you"!? That's absolutely stupid, and yet its the very argument being used against those who know something is coming towards us in space. The earth is getting "punched in the mouth" but we have blindfolds on, we cannot identify who or what exactly is doing the "punching."

Volcanoes, earthquakes and more animal deaths combined with the ongoing pollution of the world by fukushima and the worlds economic woes are enough evidence to tell you that we who live on planet earth today are walking a fine line. The line is a line of separation between the "pre-flood" days of Noah and the days of temptation, trial and tribulation to come.

This writer believes that the Lord Himself is holding things together in these last days. It is a divine miracle that the entire world has not yet collapsed into a demonic apocalypse. The Restrainer is still at work in this world today, glory to God. If you wondered in the past how we could come this far and still be living in "pre-flood" days, then you are like me. The only way it is possible is through the Lord's forbearance and mercy.

The Lord's patience means salvation to somebody each and every day. Only the Lord knows how patient He has been with me over the years as I did stupid thing after dumb thing after self destructive thing after foolish thing and deserved death for it all. But the Lord's patience and grace were more than enough to turn me around (thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ).

Be watching and ready for a potentially earth changing event next week but realize that it is highly likely to be just another ordinary week. The Lord has been strangely silent with me over the past few weeks. I ask Him daily, "what are you saying to us Lord?" and "what is your Spirit saying to the Churches?" And lately I haven't heard much. What I did get last week is a short instruction that we need to be thankful and patient and hang on. Continue to do the things we know we should do while the Master is "away."

This attitude toward today and the days ahead is what sets the pre-tribulation rapture belief head and shoulders above the rest. We are watching and ready for the Lord's return TODAY and every day while all the rest are out playing word games with the Word of God which will certainly burn them in the end.

Keep the faith, be watching and ready.

grace and peace