Saturday, April 20, 2013

M7.0 Very Large Quake Strikes China Killing Over 200

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So now in this earthquake window we are more or less seeing a very large quake per day in diverse parts of the world.  What if an M7.0 earthquake occurred below a major american city?  Would people wake up?  The pattern is undeniable and who is raising the alarm among the 'experts.'  Not one of them.  Why?  For the same reason they deny they are spraying the skies day in and day out with chemtrails.  If they were to admit they were doing it they would then have to tell you WHY they are doing it and that is strictly verboten.

Why they spray and why this pattern of quakes shows up year after year is there is something headed towards this earth right now and it is getting closer.  Don't take my word for it look up at the skies like the Lord told you to do.  What do you see?  Manmade chemical white soup?  Yep.  Look at the pattern of quakes every year, what causes them in the spring every year?  Why is the pattern advancing from Feb, to March, to April etc?  Because this thing is on a flight path through space that causes earthquakes when it aligns with us from that side of space.

Again, scoff if you want to but be sure to read starting in Revelation 6-19 before you laugh too hard.  Read for yourself what is coming.  Will people be scoffing when all the grass and trees are burnt up?  Will they be laughing and scoffing when a third of mankind dies from the waters turned bitter from that outerspace rock called wormwood?  The evidence of exactly what will happen is in the Word of God and we are seeing the evidence of it coming straight at us in the world around us with chemtrails (and their denial) and the pattern of quakes.

It was fun to deny and scoff in Russia until a 10,000 ton space rock that nobody warned them about smashed them in the mouth.  Do you wonder why the propaganda media is so busy pumping up meaningless stories lately?  Where's that North Korea attack?  Oh, it didnt happen.  2 guys blow some stuff up in Boston and they shut down the city?  That kind of thing happens on the streets of Detroit and Chicago on a nightly basis and we dont hear a whisper of it.  They make a big deal of what they want to in order to keep you distracted when they want you distracted.  The Lord told us to look up when we see all these things happening.  We would be wise to do what we were told to do.

grace and peace